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Bandung is serviced by a number of large airlines as well as the usual selection of budget airlines such as Air Asia and Jetstar. It is possible to fly direct from Bandung to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta and Bali.


    Trains from Bandung travel westerly to Jakarta and easterly to cities such as Yogyakarta and Surabaya. They are incredibly efficient, usually comfortable and good value for money. The main train station sells tickets up until and including the day of travel, but beware that seats on weekends are often booked a few days in advance. If a train is fully booked, it is possible to plead with the ticket seller to give you a ticket anyway and you will be forced to sit either outside the toilet or underneath someone's seat. Prices vary according to class, time of day and style of train. The cheapest fares are as follows:

    Jakarta (Gambir): 30,000 rupiah – 2 hours
    Yogyakarta: 60,000 rupiah – 8 hours
    Surabaya: 165,000 rupiah – 13 hours


      Buses travel from Bandung to most major cities in Java -- some even make it to Bali and Sumatra.

      Servicing destinations to the south and east, the Cicaheum bus terminal can be reached from Stasiun Hall by catching the number 1 bus for 2,000 rupiah and from Leuwi Panjang bus terminal by catching bus number 7 for 4,000 rupiah. Sample fares from Cicaheum are as follows:

      Yogyakarta: 90,000 rupiah - 12 hours
      Pangandaran: 35,000 rupiah - 7 hours
      Garut: 15,000 rupiah - 2 hours
      Stasiun Hall (via angkot): 3,000 rupiah - 30 minutes
      Leuwi Panjang bus terminal: 4,000 rupiah - 45 minutes
      Semarang: 95,000 rupiah - 15 hours
      Surabaya: 170,000 rupiah - 18 hours
      Denpasar: 350,000 rupiah - 2 nights

      Servicing destinations to the west, Terminal Leuwi Panjang on the southern side of town can be reached from Pasar Baru a short walk from Stasiun Hall by catching bus number 5. It can also be reached from Cicaheum bus terminal by catching bus number 7. Sample fares from Leuwi Panjang are as follows:

      Jakarta: 35,000 rupiah - 3 hours
      Bogor: 35,000 rupiah - 2.5 hours
      Padang: 350,000 rupiah - 2 nights
      Cicaheum: 4,000 rupiah - 45 minutes
      Stasiun Hall: 2,000 rupiah - 20 minutes
      Ciwidey: 6,000 rupiah - 1 hour

      An often overlooked option by visitors to Bandung is the option of catching the air-con shuttle bus services provided by companies such as Cipaganti (http://www.cipaganti.co.id/).This company services many popular destinations with their modern fleet of minibuses from their terminal at the Bandung Trade Centre, which is known locally as BTC. The main reason to choose this mode of transport over train or public bus is because of comfort -- they're clean, modern, air-con. Angkots from Stasiun Hall can take you directly to BTC from where it is possible to travel to the following destinations:

      Jakarta: 70,000 rupiah – 3 hours
      Yogyakarta: 170,000 rupiah – 9 hours
      Bogor: 80,000 rupiah – 2.5 hours

      Cipaganti also provides a hotel pickup service for an extra fee.

        Getting Around

        Taxis are an incredibly convenient way to travel around Bandung and a half an hour cab ride will cost around 30,000 rupiah. We recommend using cabs to reach some of the great eating spots around town if you can afford it.

        As with many Indonesian cities, transport in and around Bandung is at first glance incredibly complicated and difficult to figure out. However, angkots travel throughout the city with great regularity and many drivers are eager to help passengers find their destination. The central angkot terminal is called Stasiun Hall (abbreviated to St Hall) and is located on the south side of the train station. From here, angkots can be caught to most places you are a likely to want to visit.
        The two main inter-city bus terminals are located in Cicahuem and Leuwi Panjang serving all points east and west respectively.

        A cheap way to travel around town is by angkot. Simply ask a local person or your hotel which angkot to catch to get to your chosen destination, stand on the side of the road and wave like mad. Angkots are eager for your business and will do all they can to stop for you irrespective of traffic conditions. Within the city confines, the maximum fare is 3,000 rupiah and should carry you about seven kilometres. Shorter distances are cheaper and depend on the route taken.

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