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Getting to and from Cimaja is not too big a hassle, but will inevitably involve a number of bus changes, depending on where you're coming from.

Sample trip times (all via Pelabuhan Ratu) include:

Pelabuhan Ratu to Cimaja: 5,000 rupiah and taking 20 minutes.
Pelabuhan Ratu to Bogor: 30,000 rupiah and taking 3 hours.
Pelabuhan Ratu to Surade (for Ujung Genteng): 25,000 rupiah and taking 4.5 hours (2 buses).
Pelabuhan Ratu to Cibadak (for Jakarta): 15,000 rupiah and taking 2 hours.
Pelabuhan Ratu to Sukabumi (for all points east): 20,000 rupiah and taking 2 hours.

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