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Getting to and from Ujung Genteng can feel like an adventure. If coming from Jakarta, Bogor or Bandung, you must first get to Sukabumi's Degung bus terminal. From here, catch an angkot for 5,000 rupiah to Sukabumi's Lembur Situ bus terminal. From Lembur Situ, catch the biggest bus you can find to Surade (20,000 rupiah, 3.5 hours). The small buses stop regularly and are slow. From Surade, angkot drivers will encourage you to charter their vehicle, but this is not necessary. Simply hop on a regular angkot to Ujung Genteng for the 10,000 rupiah, hour-long ride to the centre of the village. Depending on your choice of accommodation, it may be necessary to catch a motorcycle taxi to your destination which should cost another 10,000 rupiah.

From Pelabuhan Ratu, the journey is slightly different in that you have to catch an angkot for an hour (10,000 rupiah) to an intersection along the main Sukabumi-Surade road and then catch a through bus on its way to Surade. A journey from Pelabuhan Ratu is only necessary if you are coming from Cimaja, otherwise Sukabumi is the best transit point.

There is no direct bus from Pelabuhan Ratu to Surade despite what you are told by the local bus drivers – it is simply a ploy to get you on their bus.

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