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Buses to Vientiane and songthaews to closer destinations depart daily from Salavan bus station on the main road about two kilometres from the market on the road to Pakse. The station is poorly staffed and those we could find were not a fountain of useful information -- these schedules and prices are based on an outdated sign at the terminal but should give you a very rough idea of bus movements.

Be aware too that songthaews leave when full, so this schedule represents a best-case-scenario which seldom exists in reality. Trip durations vary widely depending on the number of stops, but allow about an hour of travel-time for every 40 kilometres and you'll probably be close to the mark. Note that buses to Vientiane and Tha Khaek can drop off in places such as Pakse and Tad Lo.

Pakse Departs at: 07:30, 10:00. 115km. 30,000 kip
Savannahket Departs at: 06:30, 14:00, 16:00, 16:30. 270km. 65,000 kip
Sekong Departs at: 08:30. 93km. 30,000 kip
Ta Oy Departs at: 12:00. 85km. 40,000 kip
Tha Khaek Departs at: 08:30, 16:00. 85,000 kip
Tha Theng Departs at: 10:00. 50km. 20,000 kip
Vientiane Departs at: 14:00, 16:00. 785km. 160,000 kip

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