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Phou Khao Khouay National Park

Getting there and away


From Vientiane to Ban Pako, take a bus to Ban Somsamai from the Morning Market Bus Station. At Ban Somsamai, use the village boat service to Ban Pako. Approx total cost: 40,000 kip. By bus to Ban Na, Tiger Lilly Resort, Ban Hatkai, catch the bus to the point on Route 13S on which there are turn-offs to the respective locations. From Vientiane Approx. cost: 30,000 kip. Each of the villages/resort has a pick-up service which can be ordered by telephone to the contact numbers provided (about 25,000kip) . Alternatively, wait for private taxi-trucks (lod-song-taew) heading in the right direction every hour or so during the day (about 10,000 kip).


    If getting there by car, bicycle or motorbike:
    Milestones are erected every kilometre from Vientiane, and km numbers refer to distance from Vientiane. For Ban Pako, turn off at km24 on Route 13 South, and carefully follow the dusty signs. About 1hr from Vientiane. For Ban Na, turn off at km81 (Ban Phabath) on Route 13 South. About 1.5hrs from Vientiane. For Tiger Lilly Resort, Ban Hatkai and Waterfalls, turn off at km90 (Ban Palai) on Route 13 South. About 2hrs from Vientiane. Ban Thabok is at km92 on Route 13S. About 2hrs from Vientiane.

    You can make a daytrip out of a visit to Phu Khao Kuay, but if going by bicycle or motorbike, don't drive back in the dark. The roads within the park are not lit, mostly dirt and frequented by fast large trucks that aren't always looking out for smaller vehicles on the dark and dusty roads. The drive back to Vientiane on route 13 can be equally harrowing, with ever more massive trucks, no lights, mega-potholes and no enforced speed limit.

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