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Gunung Mulu National Park

Getting there and away


Gunung Mulu is served by rural air service provider, Maswings.

There are daily flights between Miri and Mulu and three weekly flights from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


    It is possible to get to Mulu by boat but this will take the best part of 12 hours. At the time of research no direct contacts could be found providing this service but the journey has been outlined below and with a little perseverance and time, any of the backpacker hostels in Miri should be able to assist you. Failing that call the tourist information centre in Miri and they should also be able to help you out. A word of warning, this option will definitely be more expensive than flying

    1) Get an early morning taxi from Miri to Kuala Baram
    2) Take the lunchtime express boat between KB to Marudi
    3) At Marudi, take a smaller boat to Long Terawan
    4) At Long Terawan hire a small boat to the park

    Call the Miri information centre for more information on taking this route to Mulu: (085) 434 180 / (085) 434 181

      Getting Around

      A couple of villages lie outside the park, Long Iman and Batu Bungan. They can either be reached by long boat or transport that can either be arranged with the park or alternatively there are always locals hanging around at the park entrance touting for transport business. A boat fitting around six people to Long Iman should cost about 150 ringgit. Batu Bungan can be reached by road and this should cost around 20 ringgit per person.

      It is possible to walk from Mulu airport to the park HQ but it will take around 20-30 minutes. The transport offered at the airport will cost five Ringgit. The park doesn't arrange this so it's up to you to arrange. From the park to the airport, you just have to get to the park entrance and there will be someone in a pick-up waiting to take you. Again this should cost no more than 5 ringgit.

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