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Khao Yai's northern gates may be reached from the centre of Pak Chong by songthaews that depart throughout the day from Pak Chong centre for 40B. From these gates it's a long 10+ km walk to the Visitor Centre and another two kms further to the campgrounds, but hitching a ride is usually not too difficult as park vehicles or private motorists are often willing to give travellers a lift. 1,500B is also the going rate for hiring a private songthaew to Khao Yai for the day.

Once in the campground or accommodation, many trails are accessible and the highlights of the park's west-central area are accessible on foot, but be prepared to do some serious walking. Unfortunately the park does not rent out bicycles, and all the resorts and guesthouses we spoke with near Khao Yai did not allow visitors to take bicycle rentals as far afield as the park itself.

If budget allows, the better option to explore Khao Yai independently is to rent a car or motorbike, which may only be done in Pak Chong or Nakhon Nayok if entering from the southern entrance. At time of writing there was no place outwardly advertising motorbike rental in Pak Chong, but they may be rented for 300B per day at Pet Motors, located right next to Memorial Hospital on Mittraphap Rd, on the left if heading northeast towards the centre of town. There's no sign in English, but it's a motorbike sales shop occupying the bottom floor of a large three storey white building with big blue tinted windows on the upper floors. They can be reached at (086) 460 5254. Alternately, Khao Yai Motorcycle also rents motorbikes for 300B per day. They're located a little further out on Mittraphap Rd to the northeast, and their website is www.khaoyaimotorcycle.com. Note: there is no petrol available in Khao Yai National Park, so make sure to fill up before entering the park. There are filling stations within a couple kms of Khao Yai's gates.

If a car is in your budget, BB Car Rent and Tour at Rimtarninn Hotel on Mittraphap Rd near the centre of Pak Chong rents out pick-up trucks or compact cars. Rates for either are 1,500B per day, 1,200B per week, or 25,000B per month. There is also a taxi stand at the centre of Pak Chong that are hireable to take you around Khao Yai for 1,500B per day. They would also be willing to drive you straight to the Visitor Centre for 200-300B depending on your bartering skills.

The other alternative, and indeed the one most foreign travellers opt for, is to see Khao Yai through an arranged tour. There are several tour operators, but we have a number of positive reports from customers of Greenleaf Guesthouse and Tour, located about half way between Pak Chong and Khao Yai on Thanarat Rd (km 7.5 to be exact).

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