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The transport situation in Fang is a simple one — you're likely either going towards Chiang Mai or Mae Ai, and there are various vehicles going in both directions at any given time of day.

The big orange buses make the route every hour and should set you back 80-90 baht if you're going to Chiang Mai (3-4 hours), and only 40 baht if you're headed to Mae Ai/Tha Ton (45 minutes). If the latter is the case, you're likely better off just grabbing a yellow songthaew, which make the journey far more frequently, and are sufficiently comfortable for the short drive. You can flag one down anywhere along the 107/1081 main road. Don't expect a discount, even for a full truck, as the 40 baht fare is the set standard, and already quite reasonable.

If you're looking to do a shorter excursion, you will find a concentration of trucks and motorbike taxis adjacent to the large market along the eastern side of the main road, just south of the very centre of town. Prices are negotiable depending on the length and duration of your trip, so be ready to bargain.

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