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Khun Yuam is a through-town only as far as transport is concerned. Very little other than a few local songthaews will start from town so you’re relying on buses and minibuses plying Route 108 between Chiang Mai/Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son. Fortunately since that’s a busy route, it does give you a few options but it's best to book in advance. Minibuses only usually leave their departure point when they’re full and the old fan buses are few and far between.

Both buses and local songthaews running between Mae Hong Son and Mae Sariang (and further afield) will all run through Khun Yuam. There is a fan bus from Mae Hong Son arriving around 10:00 every morning taking around 2.5 hours to reach Mae Sariang and costing 80 baht. In the opposite direction it takes 1.30 hours and costs 43 baht -- it departs at approximately 15:00.

Minibuses run – again approximately - hourly in both directions, costing 100 baht either way. For Pai you will need to change in Mae Hong Son while for Chiang Mai some may be through buses but others will require a change in Mae Sariang. Scheduling can be very vague so check in advance for the latest information and obtain your tickets in advance too, unless you want to be village hopping in a songthaew for hours.

Minibus stopping points in town can vary at short notice so again check with your hotel.

Finally, note that at the time of writing there is no public service for Mae Chaem.

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