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Mae Hong Son's airport sits on the northern edge of town -- walking distance from Jong Kham lake. There are daily flights between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai, though in wet season there are often delays due to mist and low cloud cover. SGA fly between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son. See the SGA website for more information.


    Mae Hong Son's bus station is at the northern end of town, not far from the end of the airport runway. Buses run regularly between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai, but note there are two routes -- the northern route, via Soppong and Pai, and the southern route via Khun Yuam and Mae Sariang. The northern route is by far the more spectacular, but it is very hilly and winding -- hang onto your stomach. There are also regular buses to Bangkok. Sample trip times include

    Chiang Mai (northern route): 8 hours (departs four times daily)
    Chiang Mai (southern route): 9 hours (departs six times daily)
    Bangkok: 14 hours
    Khun Yuam: 1.5 hours
    Mae Sariang: 4 hours
    Pai: 3.5 hours
    Soppong: 1.5 hours

      Getting Around

      Motorbikes can be hired from a number of travel agents and guesthouses around Mae Hong Son for about 150-200 baht per day for a scooter. There is plenty to see and do in the surrounding areas, and most of the day trip itinerary items are doable independently. A word of caution: the road out to one of the Padaung villages, to the south of Mae Hong Son is crossed nine times by small concrete weirs. These are covered with algae making them extremely slippery, even for foot traffic. No matter how slowly you ride, the likelihood of a fall is high. The travel agencies may recommend this village without thinking to note that the road is dangerous. PA Tours (see below) also rent out motorbikes but make sure you ask to see the bike you're renting first, as otherwise they'll simply give you the old banger. A better option is PJ Motorbike on the main road, or Long Time Tours just around the corner from the Sunflower Cafe with brand new automatic bikes for 200B/day.

      Mountain bicycles to rent are more difficult to find. Rose Tours rent them for an amazing 1,200 baht per day, claiming that the roads are so tough on bikes that regular and expensive repairs are necessary. Rim Nam Klang Doi Resort outside of town rent bikes for 30 baht an hour.

      Cars with a driver can be organised through most travel agencies. PA Tours (opposite the police box by Jong Kham lake) hire cars out without a driver for 1,200 baht per day, with discounts for three days or more.

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