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Serviced daily by Thai Airways, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways and Air Asia, Krabi International Airport is around 40 km north of Ko Jum. The more expensive resorts offer pick-up services.


    During high season from November 1 to April 30, the easiest way to reach Ko Jum is by a daily speedboat from Krabi town.

    The speedboat departs at 11:30, costs 400 baht and takes just over an hour. This boat carries onto Ko Lanta, picking up passengers from Jum on its way back to Krabi at 8:30. Tickets can be purchased from any guesthouse or travel office in Krabi town or Ko Lanta, and will include transfer to the ferry piers.

    The Krabi - Lanta speedboat will stop off Ko Jum's north coast and again off the south coast. If you've already arranged accommodation, your resort of choice should send a longtail taxi to pick you up. Otherwise, you hitch a ride with any longtail, but keep in mind that they will most likely try to take you to a resort of their choosing to earn a commission. The transfer from speedboat to longtails is quite hectic; don't forget to pack your patience.

    During high season, a speedboat also runs straight to Ko Jum from Ko Phi Phi, departing at 14:00, costing 600 baht and taking around 1.5 hours. The boat returns to Phi Phi at 8:30.

    If coming from Phuket, you'll need to get to either Ko Phi Phi or Krabi town and make a transfer.

    At any time of year, private longtail boats can take you to/from Ko Si Boya for 1,000 baht. Otherwise you can catch the local ferry to Laem Kruat and transfer to a Si Boya-bound ferry there. Note that these will drop you on the east coast of Si Boya, so you'll want to make sure you've arranged for one of the resorts to pick you up there.

    During low season, Ko Jum can only be reached by local longtail ferries from Laem Kruat on the mainland.

    To reach Laem Kruat from Krabi town, catch one of the blue-and-white songthaews that regularly depart for Nua Khlong (most are marked in English) from in front of SCB Bank and 7-eleven on Uttarakit Rd near Chao Fah Pier; they can also be flagged down while passing along the main roads. The fare to Nua Khlong is 50 baht per person. Once there, you may need to transfer to another songthaew bound for Laem Kruat, from where ferries to Jum depart roughly every hour from 7:00 to 18:00 and cost 50 baht per person.

    Note that ferries run from Laem Kruat to three different piers on Ko Jum; you'll want the one headed to Baan Ko Jum unless you've arranged for pick up at Mu-tu pier or Baan Ko Pu pier. In Baan Ko Jum, side-car motorbike taxis can take you straight to your resort of choice.

    If you miss the speedboat or want to avoid the local transport, you can charter a longtail boat straight from Chao Fah Pier in Krabi town to Ko Jum for around 2,500 baht, depending on your bartering skills.

      Getting Around

      Ko Jum is large enough that you'll probably want some wheels for exploring.

      Most resorts have at least a few motorbikes for rent; if there are none available at your resort just check the one next door. Motorbikes can also be rented along the road in Baan Ko Jum and Baan Ting Rai. Petrol is available at roadside stands in all of the villages. While the roads are mostly flat, many are bumpy and the dirt often gives way to sand without warning. Do use caution.

      Bicycles can also be rented in several places, including at Andaman Beach Resort and in Baan Ting Rai. Expect to pay between 50 and 100 baht per day, depending on the quality of the bike.

      A handful of side-car motorbike taxis also ply Ko Jum's narrow roads. These can be arranged through resorts, but don't expect to be able to flag one down along the side of the road unless you get lucky.

      If you prefer to get around by sea, longtail boats can be chartered by the hour or day, and kayaks are widely available for rent for around 500 baht per day or 300 per hour. Some resorts offer kayaks to guests for free.

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