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The Krabi International Airport is located 13 km northeast of town. It can be reached from Bangkok by Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air and Air Asia, from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia, and from Singapore by Tiger Airways.

Taxis from the airport to Krabi town cost 400 baht and are arranged from booths at either of the arrivals terminals. Another easy-to-find booth sells tickets for the airport shuttle bus -- 90 baht to Krabi town and 150 to Ao Nang. In Krabi town, the bus drops off in front of the new provincial hall and Chao Fah Valley Bungalows on Chao Fah Rd, from where it's a relatively easy walk to most accommodation.

The bus returns to the airport from the same place at 07:00, 08:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 17:00. You can also catch the bus as it cruises up Uttarakit Rd.

A motorbike taxi to the airport from town should cost 150 baht and tuk tuks 200 baht. Blue Nua Khlong-bound songthaews also run direct to the airport for 60 baht and these regularly pass through the centre of Krabi town. These will drop you along the main road and you'll have to walk a few hundred metres into the airport.


    The provincial bus station is located three km north of town near the corner of Uttarakit Rd and Route 4. Readily available white or red songthaews can get you here any time from 05:00 to 20:00 for 30 baht, or you can take a motorbike taxi for around 60 baht. Sample destinations include:

    Bangkok (Sai Tai Mai): 2nd class buses depart at 07:30, 19:00 and 19:30 and cost 390 baht. Air-con 40-seat buses depart at 08:00, 16:00, 17:00, 17:30 and 18:00 and cost from 650 to 700 baht. VIP 32-seat buses depart at 17:00 and 18:00 and cost 920 baht. VIP 24-seat buses also depart at 17:00 and 18:00 and cost 1,000 baht. The trip to Sai Tai Mai takes around 12 hours. From Sai Tai Mai, a number of Krabi-bound buses depart between 17:00 and 20:30. There's also a departure at 07:00.
    Bangkok (Morchit): Air-con buses depart at 08:00 and 08:20 and cost 670 baht. A VIP 32-seat bus departs at 17:10 and costs 920 baht. A VIP 24-seat bus departs at 17:00 and costs 1,000 baht. The trip to Morchit takes around 12.5 hours.
    Tourist buses also depart for Bangkok's Khao San Road at 16:30 and 17:30, costing 600 baht. These pick up at guesthouses in Krabi town and tickets must be purchased through travel agents. These buses also stop in Surat Thani, Chumphon and Hua Hin.
    Phuket: Buses depart hourly from 08:00 to 15:00, cost 160 baht and take 2.5 hours. These buses also service Phang Nga, where it's possible to transfer to buses for Takua Pa.
    Ranong: Buses depart at 08:00 and 12:00, cost 260 baht and take 4.5 hours.
    Surat Thani: Buses depart hourly from 08:00 to 15:00, cost 140 baht and take 2.5 hours.
    Trang: Buses depart hourly from 08:00 to 15:00, cost 140 baht and take 2 hours.

    A range of destinations can also be reached by minibus (van), which are faster but more cramped. Minibus tickets for popular tourist destinations can be purchased from travel agents and these will pick up at your guesthouse. Tickets to islands include ferry transfers. Most minibuses from the bus station depart hourly from 06:00 to 18:00 and some can also be caught directly from the town centre on Maharaj Rd or Maharaj Soi 6. Sample fares include:

    Hat Yai: Departs from the bus station, costs 240 baht and takes 4 hours.
    Khao Lak: A tourist minibus departs at 11:30, costs 250 baht and takes 2 hours.
    Khao Sok National Park: A tourist minibus departs at 11:30, costs 350 baht and takes 3 hours.
    Ko Lanta: Departs from the bus station, costs 300 baht and takes 2 hours. Tourist minibuses also depart roughly every hour and cost 400 baht.
    Ko Lipe: A tourist minibus departs at 07:00, costs 900 baht including ferry transfer and takes about 7 hours for the whole trip.
    Nakhon Si Thammarat: Departs from the bus station, costs 250 baht and takes 2.5 hours.
    Phuket: Departs from the bus station, costs 160 baht, takes less than 2 hours and terminates at Phuket town. A tourist minibus also departs at 11:30 and costs 300 baht.
    Surat Thani: Tourist minibuses depart at 07:00 and 11:30, cost 450 baht and take 2.5 hours. These minibuses can be linked to transfers that will get you all the way to Ko Samui (600 baht) or Ko Pha Ngan (800 baht).
    Trang: Departs from the bus station, costs 150 baht and takes 2 hours. Tourist minibuses also depart at 07:00 and 11:00 and cost 300 baht.


      Boats for Railay Beach depart from Chao Fah pier, cost 150 baht and depart when they have enough passengers. If you don't feel like waiting, a longtail driver will take you there straight away for as low as 300 baht, though they'll ask for at least 1,000 at first. Unless you've arranged otherwise, the boats will drop passengers at Railay East, from where you can walk to any resort in Railay. To reach Ton Sai, you'll need to either hike along the trail across the headland, skirt the rocks that separate Railay West from Ton Sai (possible only at low tide) or hire a longtail boat from either Railay East or Railay West.

      Perhaps the better option to reach Railay is to take a readily available white songthaew to Ao Nammao pier for 50 baht and then pay 60 baht for one of the longtails that shuttle passengers every half hour to Railay East. These run from 08:00 until 23:00 and are the most reliable option; a lot of locals use them to get to work. Note that, depending on which direction it's going, the songthaew may run all the way through Ao Nang before taking you to Ao Nammao. In this case, you could hop out and arrange a boat from Ao Nang but you'll save money (and probably time) by sitting tight until you reach Ao Nammao.

      It's also possible to arrange private longtail boats to surrounding islands like Ko Poda and Chicken Island from Ao Nammao; you would need to negotiate but we'd expect to pay around 3,000 baht for a day trip.

      Speedboats to Ko Phi Phi depart from Khlong Jilat pier, located four km southwest of town. It's best to buy your tickets from a travel agent in town as these include pick-up from your guesthouse -- it's no cheaper to pay directly at the pier. In high season, express boats depart at 09:00, 10:30, 13:30 and 14:30 and cost 400 baht. In the slower months, boats depart at 09:00 and 15:30 only.

      In high season only, a daily speedboat runs to Ko Lanta at 11:30 and costs 400 baht. Minibuses run to Lanta year-round.

      The same high season boat that goes to Ko Lanta also services Ko Jum, also for 400 baht. In low season, the only way to reach Ko Jum is first by songthaew to Laem Kruat (via Nua Khlong) and then a local ferry to the island. The songthaews depart from in front of SCB Bank and 7-eleven on Uttarakit Rd near Chao Fah pier. If you take this route, be sure to take the local ferry to Baan Ko Jum unless you've arranged for pick up at one of the other piers. The ferries run roughly every hour from early morning to 17:00.

      To reach Ko Si Boya from Krabi town, catch a songthaew to Laem Hin at either 11:00 or 14:00 from in front of SCB Bank and 7-eleven on Uttarakit Rd near Chao Fah pier. The cost is 100 baht per person to the pier. Local longtail ferries run to Si Boya from Laem Hin for 40 baht per person if there are enough passengers, or 150 baht for a private trip. As with Ko Jum, it's best to pre-arrange pick-up from the ferry pier on Si Boya with your accommodation of choice. If you would like assistance getting there, Siboya Bungalows has an office near K Guesthouse on Chao Fah Rd in Krabi town. Note that Ko Si Boya is perhaps more easily reached from Ko Jum.

        Getting Around

        Ao Nang, Haad Nopphara Thara, Ao Nammao and Fossil Shell Beach are all reachable by ubiquitious white songthaews with destinations marked in English. These run through town along Maharaj Rd and Chao Fah Rd.

        From Krabi town, the trip to any of the above costs 50 baht between 05:00 and 18:00 and 60 baht from 18:00 to 20:00. Red songthaews also run to Ao Nang and Haad Nopphara Thara, as well as the airport and Big C, but not Ao Nammao or Fossil Shell Beach.

        Other provincial destinations such as Ao Luek, Nua Khlong and Laem Hin can be reached by songthaews that depart from in front of Vogue Department Store in the town centre on Maharaj Rd. These are not marked in English so your best bet is to walk down there and ask the motorbike taxi drivers to point you to the right songthaew.

        A good number of motorbike taxis and a handful of tuk tuks also ply the streets of Krabi town.

        If you prefer renting your own wheels, motorbikes are available at just about every guesthouse and travel office for between 150 and 250 baht per day. A local woman also rents out economy cars for a reasonable 1,100 baht per day with discounts offered for week-long rentals; her name is June and she can be reached at (081) 978 5989.

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