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Virtually all visitors to Ko Adang come from Ko Lipe; refer to the Lipe transport section for info on getting there.

Longtail boats to Ko Adang can be arranged in person with the boatmen or at resorts on all of Lipe's beaches. The cost is 100 baht per person, one-way, if coming from in front of the school on northern Sunrise Beach or Sunset Beach, but 200 baht if departing from Pattaya Beach or the southern stretch of Sunrise Beach. Expect to pay less if you have a large group. These are standard prices so don't be fooled if a boatman tries to charge 500 baht for a roundtrip.

If going on a day trip, it's best to arrange for the same boatman to pick you up at a pre-arranged time. Otherwise ask park officials at the Adang visitor centre to call you a boat, or wait around on the beach and ask incoming travellers if you can catch a ride with them on the way back.

There are no roads or motorised traffic of any kind on Adang, and hiking trails are minimal. Longtail boats and kayaks can be rented for excursions through the visitor centre, but availability is limited so you might make arrangements early in the morning or even the day before.

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