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Ferries to Ko Adang use the Ko Lipe service and transfer by longtail boat -- meaning you just get the normal boat service to Ko Lipe and then sort out a longtail across the straight to Ko Adang.

If there are only one or two passengers, longtail boats between Ko Lipe and Ko Adang will charge 100 baht per person. For larger groups the rate should be 50 baht each.

It's easy to arrange a longtail to Adang from Ko Lipe. They're readily available at all hours on Sunrise beach -- just look for the boat taxi signs on the beach.

Drivers will often start by quoting exorbitant rates, but 100 baht one-way or 200 baht for a roundtrip is the standard rate and has been for years. Longtails may also be arranged at Pattaya beach and Sunrise beach, and many resorts have their own longtails on offer.

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