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Ko Bulon Lae

Getting there and away


After December 15 2011, Ko Bulon Lae can be reached by a daily longtail ferry from Pakbara, departing at 12:00, costing 400 baht and taking about an hour. The boat returns to Pakbara at 9:00.

In peak season from December 20 to mid January a speedboat also makes the run for 330B.

From November 16 to March 31 Ko Bulon Lae is on the Bundhaya speedboat island hopping route.

To/from Ko Lipe
The speedboat departs for Ko Lipe at 11:00, costs 600 baht and take one hour. If coming from Ko Lipe the boat departs at 9:00.

To the northern islands
From Ko Bulon, the speedboat departs for the northern islands at 10:00; Ko Muk costs 1,050 baht and takes one hour; Ko Ngai costs 1,250 baht and takes 90 minutes; Ko Lanta costs 1,450 baht and takes two hours.

Low season
No regular boats run to Ko Bulon Lae during the slow season. Private longtails may be chartered to/from Pakbara for 1,500 baht. Inquire at Bulone Resort on Ko Bulon or Andrew Tour in Pakbara.

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