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Satun's bus station is a few kilometres south of town, but buses can be flagged down on Burivanich Road as they leave. Buses to Bangkok take 15 hours and depart at 07:30, 14:30, 15:00, and 16:30. Air-con buses cost 600 baht, and the 16:30 VIP bus 1,140 baht. Air-con buses to Phuket depart at 08:15, 10:15, 12:15 and 20:00. Tickets are 400 baht and the trip takes about 8 hours. These buses also stop in La-Ngu (40 baht, 1 hour), Trang (100 baht, 2 hours), and Krabi (230 baht, 5 hours).

Orange buses to Trang leave hourly from 05:30-16:30, and the ordinary bus charges 80 baht. The trip takes about two hours. These can also be caught in front of the 7-eleven on Satun Thani Road, and can also drop you in La Ngu from where Pakbara is a 30 baht songthaew ride away. Public minibuses with air-con also run from the 7-eleven to La Ngu for 60 baht, and orange songthaews regularly make the trip as well (40 baht).

When enough people want to go to the border crossing at Wang Prajan, songthaews depart before 8:00 from the 7-eleven on Satun Thani Road and you can hop on for 80 baht. They go often, although not every day, so ask around to see when one's heading out there. They can also drop you at Thale Ban National Park along the way to the border. Minivans (100 baht) to the border also occasionally depart from opposite the Rian Tong Hotel. Enquire with the hotel staff in advance, or cross your fingers and show up before 08:00.

If you're making a visa run, motorcycle taxis (400 baht) or small blue songthaews (500 baht) will run you there and back privately, but make sure to pay after your business is finished in Malaysia to ensure the driver sticks around.


    Boats to Kuala Perlis, Langkawi, and Ko Lipe leave from the Tammalang pier 10km south of Satun. Orange songthaews leave from the 7-eleven on Satun Thani Road and charge 30 baht, or a motocycle taxi will take you there for 80 baht.

    The new pier building houses immigration, a restaurant, convenience stores and travel agencies. If heading to Malaysia you pass through immigration and stamp out of Thailand before boarding the boat. The travel agencies can exchange your Thai baht for Malaysian ringgit at reasonable rates, but don't advertise this service.

    Boats to Langkawi leave at 09:30, 13:30 and 16:00, while boats coming the other way leave at 08:30, 12:30 and 16:00. The fare is 300 baht for adults and 230 baht for children, and the trip takes about one hour.

    Longtail boats to Kuala Perlis leave throughout the day (when full) and cost 120 baht per person person. The morning is the best time to go because there are plenty of other passengers, otherwise you may get stuck chartering the boat for a steep 1,500 baht.

      Getting Around

      Aside from the orange songthaews that run regular routes, smaller blue songthaews that resemble big-eyed bugs are always parked near Satul Thani Hotel and will take you anywhere in town. Motorbike taxis are also readily available. If you want to explore on your own motorbikes may be rented at On's Living Room or Ang Yee's Guesthouse for 250-300 baht.

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