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Khao Sok National Park

Getting there and away


Khao Sok is located directly along Rte. 401, which is the main thoroughfare from Takua Pa in the west to Surat Thani in the east, so getting to the park from either of these cities is easy.

From Takua Pa, buses depart every hour between 6:00 and 18:00 and cost between 40 and 60B depending on the class of bus. The trip takes about one hour from Takua Pa.

From Surat Thani buses also leave hourly, the cost is 120B, and the trip takes about two hours. The bus drops travellers at the access road to Khao Sok along Rte. 401 and it's up to them to walk to the guesthouse of their choice (or phone one to pick them up).

The national park gates are 1.6 km from where the bus drops travellers off, and there are guesthouses and resorts all along the access road. To catch the bus onwards to either Surat Thani or Takua Pa, head back to Rte. 401 and wait for one to stop at the bus stop there.

From Takua Pa it's possible to transfer to buses bound for Bangkok, Khuraburi, Khao Lak, Phuket and elsewhere.

There is also a mini bus station servicing Surat Thani at the corner of the access road and Rte. 401. Mini buses depart all day between 6:30 and 17:30, the cost is 150B and the non stop trip takes 1.5 hours. It's possible to catch these mini buses from Surat Thani as well, and mini buses to Khao Sok are also available from Phuket, Khao Lak, and Phang Nga. Travel companies all over south Thailand can arrange mini bus transfers to Khao Sok.

Mini bus transfers to popular tourist destinations are also available from travel companies near Khao Sok. Sample fares include:

Bangkok: Departs at 15:00, costs 700B and takes about 11 hours.
Ko Phi Phi: Departs at 8:00, costs 700B and takes about 5 hours.
Ko Samui: Departs at 9:00, costs 400B and takes about 3.5 hours.
Krabi: Departs at 8:00, costs 300B and takes about 3.5 hours.

    Getting Around

    The western Khao Sok hiking trails and all guesthouses along the access road are all reachable on foot. The furthest hiking destinations are seven km from headquarters. Trails go deeper into the jungle, but it's wise to hire a guide if looking to do more serious trekking.

    To get to Ratchaprapa Dam and Chiew Lan Lake, most book a tour that's inclusive of both boat and ground transport (800B per person for a half day tour), but it is possible to go independently. Motorbikes may be rented for 300B per day at a small shop near the corner of the access road and Rte. 401 in Khlong Sok. From here it's necessary to drive 50 km to the east along scenic Rte. 401 before turning left (following clearly marked signs to Ratchaprapa Dam) in the town of Ban Ta Khun.

    After turning off the main road in Ban Ta Khun, go straight for about 12 km, then go left where the road ends. Before long you'll go through a national park checkpoint, immediately after which go right. Keep right as you pass the back side of the dam, and follow the road as it loops around and down to the pier. Once at the pier, private longtail boats may be chartered for 1,500B per half day.

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