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Very easily accessed by paved road, a songtheaw ride to Chaloklum from Thong Sala will cost 100B/person. Getting back should cost the same but taxis are harder to find in Chaloklum and price is determined by the number of passengers. Boat taxis are available along the beach by the pier or can be hired at kiosks throughout town. A trip to Haad Khom will cost 50-80B, again the number of people is always a factor, and Bottle Beach costs 100B. Thong Nai Pan can be reached for 150-200B. Boat taxis do not run when seas are rough, especially between November to February.

Haad Khom
Getting to Haad Khom from Thong Sala requires a songtheaw ride to Chaloklum (100B/person) and a short drive or boat taxi (50-80B/person depending on the number of passangers) ride to Haad Khom. Driving oneself to Haad Khom can prove dangerous on a motorbike, particularly when bogged down with luggage. Guesthouse operators sometimes provide free pickup from Chaloklum to new arrivals, so give them a call to see. Walking to Haad Khom from Chaloklum takes just 15-20 minutes but is hilly and a hassle with baggage. Getting to Thong Sala from Haad Khom costs 80B/person at 10:30 every morning, and other times require a short hike or boat ride (50-80B/person) to Chaloklum followed by a 100B songtheaw to Thong Sala (more expensive if the songtheaw is empty). Coral Bay will take guests to Chaloklum for 40B/person when there is enough demand.

Bottle Beach
There are three ways to get to Bottle beach, and none of them are particularly ideal. The easiest is by boat, with a taxi boat service running between Chaloklum and the beach four times a day, at 100 baht per person. Boats leave from Chaloklum's Rose Villa at 09:30, 10:30, 13:30 and 16:30, though times can vary as much as half an hour. It's also possible to get to the beach by hiking for an hour from Coconut Beach, or via the dirt road on the way to Thong Nai Pan, but neither are completely safe and both are difficult.

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