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Songtheaws provide the best way to get anywhere on Ko Pha Ngan from Thong Sala. They can be flagged down driving through town, but most seem to hang around the pier area, with armies arriving shortly before the boats arrive. It can be difficult to negotiate a decent price when the truck isn't full, but showing a little resistence always helps. Accessing the southeast coast requires a ride to Haad Rin and then a taxi boat. Below is a rough guide (per person) of what to expect transportation to cost from Thong Sala to:

Ao Plaaylaem: 30-50B
Ao Wok Tum/Hinkhong: 50-80B
Ao Seethanu: 80-100B
Haad Chaophao: 80-100B
Haad Son: 80-100B
Haad Yao: 80-100B
Haad Thian, Haad Khruad, Haad Salad: 100B
Mae Haad: 100-150B
Ao Chaloklum: 100B
Bottle Beach: 200B
Thong Nai Pan: 100-150B
Haad Rin: 50B
Ao Ban Tai, Ban Kai: 30-50B

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