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Dak To
Motor-taxi drivers tend to hang out around the monument -- a trip to the airstrip can be arranged for 20,000 VND. You can also use them to make trips to Ngoc Hoi (20 km) and Kon Tum (40 km), for about 50,000 and 100,000 VND respectively. There's a regular shuttle bus throughout the day that runs between Kon Tum and Ngoc Hoi -- it stops at the monument and anywhere along the road -- trips cost from 5,000 to 15,000 VND. Look for the bright yellow passenger vans marked 'Kon Tum - Ngoc Noi.' There is no bus station in Dak To, but other long-distance buses can be flagged down along Route 14.

Ngoc Hoi
Motor-taxis are available at the main bus terminal. A regular shuttle goes back and forth between here and Kon Tum -- 15,000 VND for the whole trip. Look for the yellow passenger vans, and bus stops marked by blue signs saying 'Kon Tum - Ngoc Hoi.' Ngoc Hoi's bus station is along the main road, on the eastern edge of town, on the north side. If you're heading north, there are several buses a day that can drop you off along the way -- departures are not frequent, and do not originate in Ngoc Hoi, so no fixed times are available. For departures south and towards the coast, you'll want to first head to Kon Tum, which is easily done on the yellow shuttle bus.

Ngoc Hoi serves a lot of locations you're not likely to be headed to next, but here are the big two:
Hanoi: departs at 08:00 and costs 151,500 VND
Saigon (Mien Dong Station): departs at 17:00 and costs 150,000 VND (1st Class) and 130,000 VND (2nd Class)

To get to Laos, there are daily buses originating in Qui Nhon and departing from there at 06:00 stop in Ngoc Hoi to pick up passengers and stop for lunch between 12:45 and 13:30. Book in advance (T:(060) 832 840) to get a seat. You must have a valid Laos visa before you board. The following fares are ex-Ngoc Hoi:
Attapeu: 140,000 VND
Sekong: 150,000 VND
Pakse: 160,000 VND

Dak Glei
Motor-taxis are not plentiful, but possible to find. There is no bus station, but buses going in either direction will drop off here, and you can flag one down along the road if it has an empty seat.

Phuoc Son
Motor-taxis are available, though you'll hardly need one if you're just staying in town. There is no bus station, but buses going in either direction along Route 14 will drop off here, and pick up passengers along the road if they have free seats.

Hiep Duc
We didn't spy any motor-taxis on our visit. Passenger vans heading to the coast and inland depart in the mornings form in front of the Ba Huong Guest House between 07:00 and 08:00.

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