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Buses travel irregularly between Rach Gia and Hon Chong. Departing from Rach Gia's central bus station, they reach Hon Chong just over two hours later, pulling up in front of the grotto. When we checked, buses were travelling at strangely inconvenient hours -- one bus left each way at 5:30 am, and then again at 2:30 pm. The cost is 15,000D. If this doesn't suit your schedule, simply catch a bus or minibus heading to Ha Tien (they leave Rach Gia at least hourly) and tell the driver you're heading to Hon Chong. You'll be dropped at Ba Hon, a dusty market town where a crowd of xe om drivers will be waiting to offer you their assistance. From Ba Hon, it's a 20-minute ride on the back of a xe om to Hon Chong -- it would be a beautiful ride through mangrove swamp and limestone karsts if there weren't unsightly cement factories on the way. The cost should be 30,000 VND, but you'll have to bargain hard to get a driver to take you for less than 40,000 VND.

There are no direct buses from Ha Tien to Hon Chong. Your first option is to catch a bus heading to Rach Gia and hop off at Ba Hon. Alternatively, many xe om drivers in Hon Chong are willing to give you a lift for the whole way. If you can bargain them down to around 60,000-70,000 VND, it actually isn't a bad deal -- though be prepared for a long and uncomfortable trip.


    Green Line Company offers irregular hydrofoil services between Hon Chong and Phu Quoc. This may only be available in the high season however, and should not be counted on. Much more common are guides and xe om drivers who will offer you boat service to Phu Quoc in traditional -- and notoriously unsafe -- wooden boats.

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