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Phu Quoc International Airport (PQC) opened for international flights in 2012. Domestically, Vietnam Airlines has multiple flights a day from Phu Quoc to Saigon and at least one flight a day to Rach Gia. As of December 2014, seven international flights fly into the airport weekly, through Russia and Singapore. Direct flights from Siem Reap are expected to open in January 2015.

For flights on weekends and in high season, book as far in advance as possible as the planes are small and fill up fast. In general, return flights from Saigon cost around 800,000 to 2,000,000 VND. Flights from Rach Gia cost around 500,000 VND.


    Weather permitting, speedboats make the trip at least once a day from both Rach Gia and Ha Tien to Phu Quoc and in the reverse. Most people use the catchily-named Superdong which is the only fastboat service to Phu Quoc, but there are other boat operators -- shop around to compare price.

    Departure with Superdong is around 08:00 from each end, and in high season, another boat runs at 13:00. Often several more departures are staggered through the day and early afternoon. The boat fare from Ha Tien is 215,000 VND and Rach Gia is 320,000 VND. The Ha Tien journey usually takes an hour and a half while Rach Gia can take up to two and a half hours. The ride can be a bit bumpy on the boat so expect to be jostled around a bit. For detailed timetable and pricing information, see the Superdong website.

    Another option is the Thanh Thoi ferry from Ha Tien. While cheaper at 185,00 VND and also less bumpier, it takes much longer. Make sure the ferry arrives in Ham Ninh (rather than Cape Da Chong) which is close to Bai Thom beach. If you are dropped off at Cape De Chong however there is a bus service that will take you to Duong Dong town which will cost you 10,000 VND and take an hour. If this isn’t available, there are xe om drivers who will take you. However it will cost you at least 200,000 VND as there are no taxis willing to make the journey.

    The service to Hon Chong has closed. However, if you happen to have a translator, fishing boats in An Thoi can ferry you to the island for a price. We were quoted initially 500,000 VND but managed to get the price down to 300,000 VND.

    In the midst of the rainy season, when the weather is rough, boats can be cancelled for days on end -- you're better off to fly.

      Getting Around

      Phu Quoc has a reasonable network of roads, with key north to south and east to west roads now sealed. While distances are not too long, going can be slow -- especially in wet season when the quality of the unsealed roads declines considerably. The easiest way to get around is by hiring a motorbike on a daily basis. None of the roads are all that challenging, so even novice riders should be okay -- just take it easy, wear a helmet and don't drink and ride. Motorbikes can be hired from most guesthouses and resorts. 4WDs can also be hired, though you need to hire them with a driver -- foreigners are not permitted to self-drive a hired 4WD on Phu Quoc.

      The primary taxi company is Savico (077 3972 785) with rates starting at 13,000 VND and then each kilometre 12,000 VND thereafter. With the introduction of Vinpearl, Mai Linh (077 3979 797) taxis have also arrived on the island.

      Sample distance include:
      Duong Dong - Ham Ninh: 14km
      Duong Dong - At Thoi: 27km
      Duong Dong - Bai Thom: 27km
      Duong Dong - Suoi Tranh (waterfall): 10km

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