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Phan Rang's bus station is located a kilometre south of the roundabout near the main post office. Bus service is not frequent, so plan ahead.

Three companies run buses out of the terminal
Lien Thanh
T: (068) 240 444, (08) 830 3741
This company runs the most local buses in addition to service to Saigon:
Buon Ma Thuot: Departs at: 06:30, and costs: 60,000 VND.
Ca Na: Departs at: 05:00, 15:00, and costs: 6,000 VND.
Da Lat: Departs at: 05:00, 06:00, and costs: 30,000 VND.
Nha Trang: Departs at: 06:00, 15:00, and costs: 24,000 VND.
Phan Thiet: Departs at: 06:00, 13:00, and costs: 60,000 VND.
Saigon: Departs at: 20:30 and 21:00, and costs: 60,000 VND.

The other two companies just run buses to Saigon

Que Huong
T: (068) 823 786, 211 759, 200 749
Saigon: Departs at: 16:00 and 23:00, and costs: 70,000 VND.

C.L.C. Ming Dung
T: (068) 921 666, (08) 511 5234.
Saigon: Departs at: 06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 22:00, and costs 60,000 VND.

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Getting around

You'll find most of the xe-om near the central market, but they can usually be found anywhere. Motorbike rentals are all but non-existent. We found one place, Hong Khoa, a motorcylce dealership right next door to the Huu Nghi Hotel -- that had one bike the rent out for 100,000 VND a day. Otherwise, your only option is to hire a car or motorbike driver for excursions outside town, or try to get a xe om driver to let you rent his bike out from under him -- you're looking at at least 150,000 VND per day.
Hong Khoa Motorcylces: 396 Thong Nhat St (next to the Huu Nghi Hotel), Phan Rang.

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