Left luggage at Suvarnabhumi Airport

The ability to free yourself from your heavy pack, even for a few hours, is a luxurious treat. Bangkok’s international airport has an excellent left luggage service.

"Honey, I'm going to check little Gwendolyn here -- we definitely don't need her at the beach."

Using left luggage can allow you to enjoy a quick tour of Bangkok unencumbered or leave those conical hats you bought in Vietnam for someone else to care for while you tan on the islands.

Travellers who use Bangkok as their regional hub for a Southeast Asian jaunt can use the left luggage as their personal depot — swapping clothes and supplies for different climates as they change planes. Just keep in mind that Air Asia and some other budget airlines now operate out of Bangkok's Don Muang Airport, which might confuse things, though there is a free shuttle bus between the two.

The left luggage facilities are on the departures level (4th floor), on the south end of check-in pier Q (for those of you who don’t do directions, it’s on the side of the departures hall furthest from the entrance doors, and closest to immigration and passport control areas), as well as between the domestic and international arrivals areas (2nd floor).

The departures level is usually more convenient as it is a larger office and has more staff. Luggage, of any size, costs 100 baht per piece for the first 24 hours, and then 50 baht per 12 hour period following. If you are planning on using the service as a depot as you skip around the region, remember that a purse filled with tissues and a body bag full of rocks (or bodies) are the same price to leave, so plan accordingly.

Travellers pay up front, but if you leave your luggage longer you just make the difference up when you get back, as long as you return within 180 days. Bags will be x-rayed before storage, and no electronics or valuables are accepted.

Left Baggage Storage Office
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Level 4 and Level 2
T: (02) 134 7795


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