Travel planning

So you're leaving on a holiday to Southeast Asia for the first time and you're sitting in front of your computer thinking: Now what do I have to get done before I leave?

There's not that much to it really -- pick up a bag, your passport a change of clothes and then just head to the airport. While that works for some, with a bit more planning and foresight, you'll be able to get a lot more out of your vacation time.

We've been travelling in and out of Asia since 1993, so here's some tips that we've gathered over time that you may find of use.

We start with some general planning advice, followed by a quiet word on the need for insurance. Then it is on to packing and how to leave without a bag weighing a ton.

From there it is on to some itinerary advice including a bunch of different trip-plans you could use as a loose framework for your own trip.

Last but not least, we review some of the gear you're most likely going to be needing, including backpacks, moneybelts and other nick nacks.

Planning advice by topic