Travel films for Southeast Asia

We're not all that handy with a video camera ourselves, but plenty of travellers keen on Southeast Asia are, and it's their work we're highlighting here.

Every Monday morning, 52 weeks a year, we'll be adding a new film that we think is great.

Some may have snazzy editing and fabulous talent, others might be rough around the edges but just get you so excited to get travelling that you'll be out the door before the piece is over.
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Featured this week

The Pai experience

Says Bonnie Trinh "Made a ton of friends from around the world, swam in waterfalls, learnt how to ride a moped, went on a jungle trek, saw incredible sunrises/sunsets, zip-lined through the Chiang Mai jungle, experienced a (hungover) bus ride that had 726 curves in the road, did a cooking class, checked out the live music scene, visited temples, ate 10 meals a day, had a tarantula crawl all over my body....& lastly had moments where I asked myself 'What have you gotten yourself into?' before eating coagulated blood/getting chased by feral dogs at 1am/drinking enough Sang Som to sink the Titanic."