The best fish on the net: Travelfish T-shirts

Travelfish T-shirts: cooler than ice creamDo your fellow travellers and Travelfish a favour by leaving the tie dye at home and kitting yourself out in an official Travelfish T-shirt.

Wearing a Travelfish T-shirt while travelling will bestow all manner of magical powers upon you including additional protection against most common scammers and shysters. Darker colours also mean less washing, so a Travelfish T-shirt will save you money too (though nobody will probably want to sit next to you on the bus).

Also, by wearing a Travelfish T-shirt you'll be a veritable beacon to other Travelfish members who spend an inordinate amount of time on the Travelfish forum. If you'd like to avoid these people, we suggest wearing the T-shirt inside out.

A Travelfish T-shirt is a great way to meet other people as they'll all want to know what "Travel Right" means. Please don't ask us -- we've got no idea.

Lastly, by wearing a Travelfish T-shirt, you're supporting Travelfish and surely that gives you a warm all-over-body sensation and an electric tingle from the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair!

Travelfish T-shirt just US$9.95!

The price below includes all postage and handling -- please select which price corresponds to where you want the T-shirt sent.

T-shirt, including postage and handling



Not sure what continent you want the T-shirt sent to? Check this page on Wikipedia.

A word on the T-shirts

The T-shirts are 100% cotton, and have been made in Bali, Indonesia. They come in three colours (black, teal and white) and four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). All carry Travelfish artwork on the back, between the shoulders. There is no artwork on the front.

A word on sizing

Given that it seems just about every T-shirt website measures their T-shirts a different way, we used the following method:

1) Take shirt out of bag.
2) Lay shirt on bed.
3) Measure height and length, with width being armpit to armpit and length being from the bottom of the shirt to the top of the neck.

Size Small Medium Large Extra large
Width 52cm / 20 inch 55cm / 21 inch 57cm / 22 inch 61cm / 24 inch
Height 70cm / 28 inch 74 cm / 29 inch 77cm / 30 inch 82cm / 32 inch

A word on the shipping and handling

We've priced the postage and handling based on continent rather than country basis. We're absorbing some of the cost of postage to get these fantastically cool T-shirts out to you. Depending on where you are you'll receive a package with Indonesian or Australian stamps on it -- but if you're in Bali let us know and we'll hand deliver it ;-)

The charge for postage and handling is included in the price above -- when you pay via PayPal you'll see the "Shipping and Handling" charge is marked as $0.00 -- this is because we have included it in the price above.

If you're not sure what continent you live on, please check this page on Wikipedia.