What makes Travelfish different?

Just another travel website?

Travelfish.org is not your average travel guide website, oh no! Consider the following:

1) All accommodation listings on Travelfish.org have been visited by Stuart, Samantha or one of the paid researchers in person.

2) We follow a strict no freebies policy. This means we accept no free trips or junkets from anybody, including tourist authorities. Unlike many publishers and websites, we do not accept free accommodation (for any kind of coverage -- positive or negative). The only thing we've ever accepted were a few guidebooks for free to review -- and believe me when I say we won't be making that mistake again.

3) When we're checking out places -- be they guesthouses, hotels, national parks or karaoke bars -- then we try to do so on an anonymous basis. Sometimes people know us because we have lived and travelled in the region since 1997 -- and some of our researchers are also long-time Southeast Asian residents -- but we do not announce to those whom we don't know that we are reviewing them for Travelfish.org. Generally we try to pretend we are a potential guest, or somebody looking for a room for a friend or relative. Where possible we'll inspect at least a couple of rooms. Sometimes people are suspicious and our cover is blown, but this is rare. The rates you see on Travelfish are what the desk staff told us they were or what were in the brochure when they just told us to quit bugging them and look in the brochure.

4) We list all sorts of places to stay -- not just those that can be booked online. No phone number? It doesn't matter, we'll still review a property. After all, the bulk of travellers just show up anyway, and there are just so many wonderful places in Southeast Asia to stay that aren't really on the grid. We don't accept copy from hotels or guesthouses, so you'll be reading no spin on Travelfish.org.

5) Places are listed free of charge. In fact, many probably don't even know they're listed. Working this way, we help small, often family-owned businesses, including many in remote areas, to get the type of exposure online they may never have considered possible.

6) Over the past few years, we've amassed more than 4,000 independent and totally original reviews of guesthouses, hotels and resorts in Southeast Asia. It's the largest collection of online original content for this specific region.

If you're an independent traveller planning a holiday in Southeast Asia, Travelfish.org is quite simply the most comprehensive resource available online.

The bottom line

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