Photo: La Popu waterfall, Sumba.

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Travelfish founders Samantha and Stuart. Travelfish founders Samantha and Stuart.

Samantha Brown and Stuart McDonald came up with as they sunned themselves on an eastern Thai beach in 2004. They wanted to use the internet to better provide travel intelligence to independent travellers, to help them find more interesting destinations, to get off the beaten track and to find little-known places to stay. They also wanted to help little-known places to stay find people to host.

What began as a collection of their favourite spots in Thailand has developed over the years into one of the largest independent travel guides dedicated solely to Southeast Asia. Researched and written by a team of writers who live in the region, today contains independently researched and written coverage to Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. If we’ve written about a place on, we’ve been there in person. There are no exceptions to this. Not one.

Our team of writers live in the region, research in person and as far as humanly possible, work anonymously. operates on a strict "no freebie" basis, so what you read on is our own unvarnished opinion on all things Southeast Asian. There’s no outside influence you need to worry about.