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79 Living Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
79th St between 29th and 30th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 32277

Tucked away behind the train station, it doesn't feel like you're in the middle of the city centre at 79 Living Hotel. It's on a street that sees less traffic than others, and rises high enough to give you a good view of the city and Mandalay Hill. Staff are young but competent and quick with a smile, while offering services such as free WiFi, a business centre, room service, airport... Read our full review of 79 Living Hotel.

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Ayarwaddy River View Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
Strand Rd, between 22nd and 23rd Sts Mandalay
T: (02) 72373

Further away from the city centre, Ayarwaddy River View Hotel stands on its own next to the river, with great non-obstructed views. It's one of the more luxurious hotels in Mandalay, with a rooftop bar providing free drinks and entertainment at sunset, and hosting one of the few swimming pools in the city. As always, keep in mind that it is not above the sufferings of black-outs, poor internet... Read our full review of Ayarwaddy River View Hotel.

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Gold Yadanar Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 111, 34th St, between 77 and 78 Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 71048

Gold Yadanar Hotel is a new foreigner-friendly hotel located directly across from Diamond Plaza and Zay Cho market, near a stretch of local beer stations and tea shops and down the street from the Shan night market -- you couldn't ask for a better location to walk and shop. The building is freshly renovated, giving an old-style structure a fresh skin with Chinese accents. The rooms deliver one of... Read our full review of Gold Yadanar Hotel.

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Smart Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 167, 28th St, between 76th and 77th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 32682

Unlike most hotels in Myanmar, this one actually lives up to its name. Well-trained staff speak English clearly and are helpful with travel information. The building itself is well maintained and polished, with high ceilings and spacious rooms. The lobby is busy but comfortable, and WiFi is free. A breakfast buffet is included, and it's superior to most other hotels in town. The rooftop has a... Read our full review of Smart Hotel.

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Lucky Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 152, 84th St, between 31 and 32 Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 21735

The Chinese-run and -styled Lucky Hotel is located in the southwest area of Mandalay's city centre so there isn't much to see within walking distance. The quality of their fully furnished rooms however makes it good value – they're spacious and clean with air-con, satellite TV, well-kept furniture and giant windows, though with less than spectacular views. Bathrooms are refined and include... Read our full review of Lucky Hotel .

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Oway Grand Hotel
Toprange - US$100 to $200
No. 624, 78th St between 30th and 31st Sts, Mandalay.
T: (09) 4211 71181

There's a new hotel on the block across the train station and its name is Oway Grand Hotel. Its modern lobby and restaurant create an environment that stands out like a towering sore thumb, distinguishing itself from neighbouring hotels as high-end accommodation. The rooms and staff themselves try hard to reflect the feeling of the lobby, but can be a bit awkward. Staff are friendly enough but... Read our full review of Oway Grand Hotel.

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Pacific Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
Corner of 30th and 78th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 32506

Located across the street from Mandalay Railway Station and just south of the palace moat, Pacific Hotel is about as central a location as you will find. Rooms are clean and well kept, with frilly decor. Most of the rooms are a bit aged and are tiled rather than carpeted. Wooden and modern furnishings such as desks, tables, entertainment centres and armoires fill the room and are completed with... Read our full review of Pacific Hotel.

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Silver Swan Hotel
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No. 400, 83rd St between 32nd x 33rd Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 36333

You'll find the Silver Swan Hotel a bit south of the southwest corner of the moat, on a semi-noisy street near nothing in particular. You will have to walk a few blocks to get to any decent restaurants or sights, but a taxi can be called at the front desk. Staff are friendly and helpful, and the lobby is quite a pleasant entrance when coming off the dusty roads. The hotel towers over the... Read our full review of Silver Swan Hotel.

E.T. Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 129 (A), 83rd St, between 23rd and 24th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 65006

At the top of the cluster of budget guesthouses just west of the palace moat is nonsensically named E.T. Hotel. This five-floor, stairway-only guesthouse has basic but clean rooms that fill every floor and the rooftop with visitors. The lobby doubles as a community space while the TV plays old movies and each floor has a very small area where people tend to congregate or read left-behind books.... Read our full review of E.T. Hotel.

Garden Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 174, 83rd St, between 24th and 25th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 31884

A couple of blocks from Mandalay's landmark clock tower and set among a collection of budget guesthouses, Garden Hotel offers clean, well-equipped rooms. Furnishings are basic, but there's hot and cold-water bathrooms with complimentary toiletries, satellite TV, WiFi (that only works in the lobby) and a breakfast of egg, toast and coffee. Though Garden Hotel staff are friendlier than their... Read our full review of Garden Hotel.

Myit Phyar Ayer Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 568, 80th St, between 33rd and 34th Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 35210

Mere blocks from Diamond Plaza, Zay Cho market and the Shan night market, Myit Phyar Ayer Hotel has a good location outside of the main cluster of budget guesthouses. On entrance to this Chinese-style hotel, the lobby and internal walkways are a bit dim but staff brighten things up a bit with their friendly attitude. The air-con rooms themselves have a tired energy that sometimes takes the form... Read our full review of Myit Phyar Ayer Hotel.

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Royal Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 41, 25th Street, between 82nd and 83rd Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 65697

Just south of the palace moat and east of the train station, Royal Guest House is in a great location for exploring the east, west and south areas of the city centre. It even manages to be in an area that is a bit quieter then others, but there's a busy contingent of backpackers and travellers always coming and going through the lobby; booking ahead by telephone is a good idea. Staff are friendly... Read our full review of Royal Guest House.

Silver Star Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 195, Corner of 27th and 83rd Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 33394

Near the southwest corner of the palace moat, Silver Star Hotel is a decent two-star hotel with a good location. Zay Cho market and many Shan restaurants are within walking distance and taxis are always passing by. Air-con, minibar and satellite TV keep you company in the semi-comfy rooms with basic furnishings, while free WiFi is in the lobby next to the car rental and language-guide hiring... Read our full review of Silver Star Hotel.

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Fortune Hotel
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No.182, 31st St, between 82nd and 83rd Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 35821

Fortune Hotel sits to the south of the city centre, where attractions begin to spread thin and you have to walk a few blocks to get to any decent restaurants or sights. All rooms have air-con and are on the small side, but are very clean and quiet. Furnishings are basic, and a bit cramped unless you upgrade to a deluxe. Make sure to ask for a window, as the inside rooms are a bit on the... Read our full review of Fortune Hotel.

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Hotel Venus
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 221, 28th St between 80th and 81st Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 33223

Hotel Venus is for extreme budget travellers who don't mind a distinct lack of luxury. The location is good, just a couple of blocks south of the palace moat and in between the train station and Diamond Plaza. Their sign is confusing, making it a bit hard to find and their entrance at night is dark. The trick is to look for MiKi Beauty and Health parlour, which is below street level, and offers... Read our full review of Hotel Venus.

Nylon Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$20
Corner of 25 and 83 Sts, Mandalay
T: (02) 33460

Nylon Hotel sits in among Mandalay's other nondescript no-frills hotels, offering standards such as a complimentary breakfast, WiFi and shabby but livable rooms. They offer shared or private bathrooms which are clean-ish and have hot and cold-water showers. A generator will keep the fans going during common power cuts, but won't keep the air-con on. Staff are somewhat cordial, but don't add much... Read our full review of Nylon Hotel.

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