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Despite what you may read elsewhere, Yangon has a decent -- and growing -- supply of accommodation options for the more budget minded traveller.

Bike World Guesthouse
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No 10 (F), Khapaung Road, 6-miles Pyay Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon
T: (01) 527 636

Offering clean, well-furnished, bicycle-themed rooms with a long list of features at good prices, Bike World is one of the best value guesthouses in Yangon (Rangoon). Bike enthusiasts, look no further! Spot the bike print! This guesthouse and travel agency in one plus a bike shop just down the street is owned and run by Jeff and Soe Soe; the location is not in the downtown area where most the... Read our full review of Bike World Guesthouse.

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Where to stay in Yangon, Burma
Backpacker - Under US$20

If you’ve been hearing tales of Yangon’s crazy hotel prices, take a deep breath and relax. It's true that accommodation in Burma (Myanmar) is pricier than in neighbouring countries -- we like to say you'll generally be paying double Thailand rates for half the standard expected in Laos. While that's not always the case, it often is and Burma and the commercial capital, Yangon, are both home... Read our full review of Where to stay in Yangon, Burma.

Beautyland Hotel II
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No. 188-192, 33rd St, Kyauktada Township, Yangon
T: (01) 243 952

You may have to climb a few stairs, but Beautyland Hotel 2 is a great flashpacker Yangon hotel option, offering a choice of fan or air-con rooms, with excellent service and prices that are competitive for the quality on offer. Beautyland 2 entrance on 33rd Street. Beautyland is a tall building that blends into the others in the home electronics area of downtown. As you walk past all the... Read our full review of Beautyland Hotel II.

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Cherry Guest House
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No.278/300, Maha Bandoola Garden Street, Upper Block, Downtown Yangon
T: (01) 340 623, (09) 852 6399

Though most of its rooms have no hot water and not of a view — or even windows — Cherry Guest House is one of the cleanest budget guesthouses in Yangon (Rangoon) since a fresh renovation and offers good amenities in a professionally run environment. The triple room view. Their air-con, bustling lobby is on the fourth floor, but walk up one floor once you enter their building and you’ll... Read our full review of Cherry Guest House.

Golden Star Guest House
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No.(711/719) Merchant Rd, 2nd floor, between 26th and Kon Zay Dan St, Pabedan Township, Yangon
T: (09) 7320 2920

If you can make it up the dark, foreboding stairs, you’ll find Golden Star Guesthouse, a new, very clean Yangon guesthouse that offers air-con, satellite TV, desks and comfy beds with great service for a price that makes it one of the better value for your money in the city’s downtown. Entrance to Golden Star Guesthouse is on the second floor. This guesthouse is part of the new generation... Read our full review of Golden Star Guest House.

Hninn Si Budget Inn
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
213-215 Botataung Pagoda Rd
T: (0951) 299 941

Set a little away from the action on Botataung Pagoda Road, Hninn Si Budget Inn is one of the best budget hotels in Yangon and should be at the top of the list for any budget traveller looking for lodgings that are both affordable and clean. Difficult to say, easy to find. Open for a little over a year, the lodgings are above a mobile phone shop (which transforms into the breakfast area in the... Read our full review of Hninn Si Budget Inn.

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Agga Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 88, 13th Street Middle Block, Lanmataw Township, Yangon
T: (01) 224654

Agga Guest House demonstrates that Yangon is gradually becoming more backpacker friendly. The walls here may be thin in true budget fashion, but this clean and cheap joint located just west of central downtown reaches international standards in a way that few other Yangon budget options do. Fancy enough for carpet in the lobby. Down one of the quieter streets in downtown middle-block, and with... Read our full review of Agga Guest House.

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Aung Tha Pyay Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No 74/80, 38th and Merchant Sts, Kyauktada Township, Downtown Yangon
T: (01) 378 663, (01) 378 664

Aung Tha Pyay Hotel is a midrange hotel located in downtown Yangon (Rangoon) boasting a quiet, quite tasteful atmosphere suited to travellers as well as family and people visiting on business. Historic breweries make for good hotels. Staff told us that the building was once a brewery, which isn’t surprising considering a lingering historical charm. The ground floor lobby and restaurant is... Read our full review of Aung Tha Pyay Hotel.

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Bo Myat Tun Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
Corner of Bo Myat Tun & Mahabandoola St, Bo Myat Tun Tower, Botataung Township, East Central Yangon
T: (09) 59311, (01) 298 184

Bo Myat Tun Hotel is not for those looking for luxury or all the flash comforts that a hotel can provide (see mould picture below), but rather it’s for those looking for a simple place to stay with air-con, a comfy bed and a good location in downtown Yangon (Rangoon) with great views of the city. Room view overlooking downtown. Don’t come expecting the pictures you’ll see from Bo Myat Tun... Read our full review of Bo Myat Tun Hotel.

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Chan Myaye Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$20
256/276 Maha Bandoola Garden Street (34th Street),
T: (09) 382 022

Chan Myaye Guesthouse grabs a good Yangon (Rangoon) location in the middle of 34th street on the upper block of downtown. The atmosphere is pleasant, clean and offers a variety of rooms with free WiFi and an included breakfast; this is one of the better guesthouses in the city. One of the city’s better guesthouses. A thin and high-hung sign makes it a bit hard to find Chan Myaye, but the... Read our full review of Chan Myaye Guesthouse.

East Hotel
Toprange - US$100 to $200
No. 234-240, (1) Quarter, Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Downtown Yangon
T: (09) 7313 5311, (09) 7313 5299

The spiralling prices of Yangon hotels has become notorious in recent months and while budget travellers can still get away with spending $20 a night if they’re willing to forego many conveniences, those who want a bit of comfort do need to get a bit spendy. If you’ve got the cash, the well located East Hotel offers very comfortable rooms with tasteful decor at prices that are competitive... Read our full review of East Hotel.

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May Fair Inn
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No. 57, 38th St, between Merchant St and Strand Rd, Yangon
T: T: (01) 253 454, 384 183

May Fair Inn is a quiet place to stay just off the busy streets of downtown Yangon (Rangoon). This tile-covered, family-operated inn gives you your basics plus air-con for a decent price. Tiled — inside and out. Family portraits and big puffy sofas sit under energy-saving lights like they were lifted straight from your own grandmother’s house and placed in the lobby, evoking a nostalgic... Read our full review of May Fair Inn.

May Shan Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
115 Sule Pagoda Rd, downtown Yangon
T: (09) 1252 986

Whether coming from a taxi or a walkway, the way to May Shan Hotel is full of excitement and sights. Right in front of Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon (Rangoon), the entrance into the building is slightly less awe-inspiring, but leads you into a decent, comfy and clean hotel. A discreet entrance lost in the busy street. The first to welcome you to this hotel are not a doorman or the desk, but... Read our full review of May Shan Hotel.

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Motherland Inn 2
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
No 433, Lower Pazundaung Road, Yangon
T: (01) 291343

Despite not being centrally located, the friendly staff and value for money offered at Mother Land Inn 2 make this a solid choice for those on a budget in Yangon. Windows and blankets with charm. From the airport, the fastest way to Motherland Inn 2 is around the city of Yangon. It sits near the river just inside the main city boundary in a typical local neighbourhood, which makes it a bit... Read our full review of Motherland Inn 2.

Ocean Pearl Inn
Flashpacker - US$20 to $40
215 Bo Tatuang Pagoda Road, middle block downtown, Yangon
T: (01) 297 007

We might not have seen the best that Ocean Pearl Inn can dish out, but with its adequate lodgings, WiFi and air-con, along with a free airport transfer, this downtown Yangon (Rangoon) budget hotel is very good value for your dollar. Bottom floor blues — we want the upper floors. The entrance to Ocean Pearl Inn is less than spectacular. Big sliding glass doors sit on the opposite side of a... Read our full review of Ocean Pearl Inn.

Royal White Elephant Hotel
Midrange - US$40 to $100
No. 11, Kan St, Hlaing Township, Yangon
T: (01) 500 822, (01) 503 986

Most would agree that the Royal White Elephant Hotel needs some sprucing up, and their renovations at time of visiting in October 2013 might make it a bit noisy, but what you get in this accommodation that is so close to Inya Lake makes it good value for dollar if you plan on not spending most of your time in downtown Yangon (Rangoon). All the amenities are there. With luck, they’ll work. It... Read our full review of Royal White Elephant Hotel.

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Daddy's Home Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 107 Kon Zay Dan St., Pabedan Township, Yangon
T: (01) 252 169

Daddy’s Home Hotel in Yangon (Rangoon) offers basic, decent, fairly clean rooms for good prices in central downtown. Offering air-con and private bathrooms for a little and fan rooms and shared bathrooms for less, breakfast is included — but windows are not. As flash as it gets at Daddy’s. Daddy’s Home Hotel hasn’t got too much attention among the backpacker crowd yet as being a fair... Read our full review of Daddy's Home Hotel.

White House Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$20
No. 69/71 Kon Zay Dan St, Pabedan Township, Yangon
T: (01) 240 780

White House Hotel is not the cleanest nor the best value for your dollar in downtown Yangon (Rangoon), but it does offer some charm, with a fantastic all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet in their rooftop garden. Friendly service, a fine central location and WiFi also help offset a strict 23:00 curfew and the massive number of stairs you’ll have to climb to your room here. White House Hotel... Read our full review of White House Hotel.

Okinawa Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$20
64 32nd St, Downtown Yangon
T: (01) 385 728

The outside of Okinawa Guesthouse is a very pleasant change to the surrounding streets. The entrance to this foliage-surrounded building is down a side street off Mahabandoola Road, and only a stone’s throw from Sule Pagoda. This curtains-for-walls guesthouse is one of the cheapest you’ll find in Yangon (Rangoon) but is nevertheless charming. Green and good. Its exterior is welcoming, with... Read our full review of Okinawa Guesthouse.

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