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Koh Touch

On an island a sense of busyness is relative, but for a range of accommodation and night life Koh Touch village and beach on the southeastern side of Koh Rong is the best choice. It attracts predominantly a young backpacker crowd looking for fun and has garnered Koh Rong the reputation of being a party island, even though all the other bays on the island are far from rowdy. From homestays and cheap dorm beds to treehouses and solar-powered bungalows with breathtaking views, the biggest selection is here and caters best to budget travellers.

Bong's Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong
T: (093) 924 856

Hard to go wrong at Bong’s: Set up by a British husband and wife duo, Bong's is a simple guesthouse with two dorms room sleeping six or eight and a couple of private rooms – pick between a private double with shared bathroom or private ensuite rooms with wet bathrooms. In an effort to overcome the waves of bed bugs that frequently wash over Koh Rong — we were bitten for the first ever... Read our full review of Bong's Guesthouse.

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Monkey Island
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Touch Beach, Koh Rong. Booking office: Serendipity Beach Rd, at Monkey Republic.
T: (081) 830 991

Doing what they do best, Monkey Island is the work of Sihanoukville’s Monkey Republic, and attracts a similar, youngish crowd looking for a party and the chance to meet other travellers. Nineteen bungalows are scattered on and behind a picture-perfect white-sand beach. They can take either three or four sleepers, all have fans and mosquito nets, and private balconies. They also have fire... Read our full review of Monkey Island.

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Paradise Bungalows
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Koh Touch beach, Koh Rong. Book at the Dive Shop on Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville.
T: (092) 548 883

Paradise is the well-named long-timer on the southeast side of Koh Rong. And as evidence of its enduring popularity, it was fully-brooked doing our last visit in mid-2016, even during low season. On a previous visit, the affable German manager, Rudy, explained that although he does get some backpacker clientele, he usually sells more wine than beer and customers relax to classical music and... Read our full review of Paradise Bungalows.

White Beach Bungalows
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Koh Touch, Koh Rong
T: (034) 934 744

Tucked into the corner at the far end of the beach, White Beach Bungalows is about as far away from the heart of the backpacker throngs and the loud music on Koh Touch as you can get, but still only a 10-minute walk away. Owned by the same people who have Coco’s and the Treehouse, though blessed with staff of an entirely different order — i.e. they’re polite, professional and friendly... Read our full review of White Beach Bungalows.

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Happy Elephant
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong
T: (096) 988 7476

Set into the hill behind Koh Touch, if you take the turn off beside White Rose, Happy Elephant has a series of beautifully-put-together wooden bungalows that wind up the hill for some stunning views at the top, or a brand new (in mid-2016) building with spotlessly clean, comfortable rooms. The operation is run by Ben, with whom we were advised to get in touch before we ever set sight on Koh Rong,... Read our full review of Happy Elephant.

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Three Brothers
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong
T: (016) 330 122

The digs are par for the course along this stretch of shore, but Three Brothers probably makes its best impression through the tours they run with seeming friendly efficiency, as much as for the convenience and price of their rooms. Three Brothers is run by, you guessed it, three Cambodian brothers. The downstairs restaurant seems to have been done away with, or that may just have been when... Read our full review of Three Brothers.

Treehouse Bungalows
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Koh Touch beach, Koh Rong. Booking office: Koh Rong Travel Centre on Serendipity Beach
T: (016) 594 177

You can tell you’re somewhere slightly different from the moment you approach Treehouse Bungalows, no matter which direction you’re coming from. From the front, the beautifully constructed treehouses peer out from among the treetops, while from Koh Touch, you approach by a carefully constructed garden, which graces your transition from beach to forest. This is the furthest away from the... Read our full review of Treehouse Bungalows.

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Coco's Bungalow Resort
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Touch, Koh Rong, southeast side. Booking office at Koh Rong Island Travel on Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville.
T: (034) 934744

The first place you'll see when you step off the Speed Ferry pier from the fast boat is Coco's Bungalow Resort, with its wide, smooth wood, open-fronted bar and beachside papasans inviting relaxation. It has an ‘information centre’ – though this seemed to be for the benefit of inviting guests fresh off the boat to stay at their place rather than being manned at any other time, even as the... Read our full review of Coco's Bungalow Resort.

Dream Catch Inn
Backpacker - Under US$10
Koh Touch, Koh Rong
T: (010) 244 760

With just a few rooms set over a bar and restaurant, it’s hard to say whether Dream Catch is a restaurant with a few rooms up top, or a guesthouse with a jolly good restaurant downstairs. We’d opt for the former as the bar and restaurant are definitely in a wildly better state than the rooms, which are not that different from most other rooms in the same price range on Koh Touch. The... Read our full review of Dream Catch Inn.

East and northeast Koh Rong

These areas are well away from the crowds, but great hangouts nevertheless. At the top end, Lonely Beach and Palm Beach offer total seclusion, while Coconut Beach and Long Set Beach are starting to develop as of 2016, but are still sparsely populated with a much higher standard of accommodation than you’ll find on Sok San (other than Sok San Beach Resort).

Coconut Beach Bungalows
Backpacker - Under US$10
Coconut Beach, Koh Rong
T: (077) 663 333

The longest running business on Coconut Beach is lovely Coconut Beach Bungalows, run by a young man from Kampot, who seems to know very well what he’s all about. Coconut Beach itself is, to our minds, one of the sweetest beaches on Koh Rong, with a small arc of white sand looking out to the southeast topped, for now, by a smattering of guesthouses buried in among the palms. Coconut Beach... Read our full review of Coconut Beach Bungalows.

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Lonely Beach
Backpacker - Under US$10
Lonely Beach, Koh Rong
T: (071) 209 4858

A long stretch of clean white sand, fringed by palm trees, and scarcely a soul to be seen; Lonely Beach is the stuff of fantasy, and a real retreat from the world. The bungalows are simple and rustic wooden constructions set in the jungle with adjoining open-air tiled bathrooms that come with Western toilets and bucket showers. We liked the bathrooms a lot. A few have sea views and the jungle... Read our full review of Lonely Beach.

Reef On The Beach
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Long Set Beach, Koh Rong
T: (012) 315 338

Set in among the pines and the cashew trees that populate the back of Long Set Beach (also known as 4K Beach), Reef On The Beach is a good find offering well designed accommodation at excellent prices on what is our favourite beach on Koh Rong. Long Set is, as its alternative name suggests, four kilometres long, with beautiful white sand, clean water, and just four properties. It’s very... Read our full review of Reef On The Beach .

Palm Beach Resort
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Koh Rong
T: (081) 500 632

Opposite the exclusive Song Saa resort, Palm Beach offers the same views at a fraction of the price. Just don’t think about the butler service. The beachfront bungalows come in a variety of styles, some built up into the hill overlooking the sea, affording spectacular views, and some wonderful design features — one has a tree growing through it. The carefully made, varnished wooden... Read our full review of Palm Beach Resort.

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Preak Svay Homestays
Backpacker - Under US$10
Preak Svay, Koh Rong
T: (016) 915 991

Set up as a local initiative by a former employee of the super-swish Song Saa Resort whose islands are just off Preak Svay, this is a community-based tourism project that allows visitors to get a glimpse of local life through homestays and the chance to participate in activities such as trekking, teaching, or sharing skills. The four homestays are simple affairs, in the homes of local... Read our full review of Preak Svay Homestays.

Sok San village

Sok San village at the end of a gorgeous seven-kilometre beach has a handful of beach bungalow options to choose from. The village behind is tiny and well kept, with a small grocery stall and beachside pool tables, but little else in the way of entertainment. During our last visit in 2016, almost everywhere was closed as storms meant that no boats had been able to land on the beach for a week. Subject to westerlies, the waters along the beach here tend to be more wavey than the smooth waters of the east, and we noticed the features that tend to create rip tides, so take care.

Sok San Beach Resort
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Sok San Village, Koh Rong
T: (077) 601 581

Built by the production company that established itself on the island after the success of the Survivor and Koh Lanta series that were filmed here, this 154-room resort is a splendid anomaly atop a glorious white sand beach that has hitherto offered the most rustic accommodations. Long chalets house seven different styles of room, all of which are simply but elegantly furnished, with air-con,... Read our full review of Sok San Beach Resort.

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Angkor Chom
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sok San Village, Koh Rong
T: (078) 559 959

Angkor Chom is a Cambodian-run guesthouse near the top of the beach whose popularity means all six bungalows are regularly filled with customers who keep extending their stay. The bungalows are simple, but built directly over the ocean on stilts allowing for an unobstructed view of the sea. They boast a balcony with chairs or hammocks and wind chimes made from seashells. The ensuite bathrooms... Read our full review of Angkor Chom.

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Sok San Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sok San Village, Koh Rong
T: (092) 676 646

Eleven beach bungalows looking straight out to sea at Sok San, and they are finished with a slightly better cut than the rest. They’re not luxurious by any stretch, and the mattresses won’t be winning any awards, but the views, and the beach, kind of make up for that. Embracing the ethos of basic, with a concrete-floored ensuite bathroom per bungalow, there's not much to do here other... Read our full review of Sok San Bungalows.

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