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Where to stay on Koh Rong Samloem
Backpacker - Under US$10

Gently lounging in the Gulf of Thailand and only two hours by boat from Sihanoukville, Koh Rong Samloem doesn’t have the party vibe you’ll find on northern neighbour Koh Rong, but it offers a wide range of accommodation options, albeit at higher prices. Think eco, funky, rustic, canvas or romantic when it comes to finding a room. Here are our top picks. The biggest choice of accommodation on... Read our full review of Where to stay on Koh Rong Samloem.

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M'Pai Bei

The northern tip of Koh Rong Samloem features a baby island, Koh Gon, a fishing village called M'Pai Bei (meaning 23 in Khmer) and a handful of places to stay in the village. Proximity to the neighbours is perhaps one of its greatest attributes as you can easily get a window into village life in Cambodia by strolling around and sampling some of the local fare. This is the only place on the island you can stay offering a strong, local identity rather than the feeling of it being a tropical island that could be almost anywhere. It does also mean you will see some rubbish. Next to the working fishing beach, Long beach is great for swimming or relaxing in the shade of pine trees. Or jump straight off the pier by Sunset Bungalows for a swim. The fast boat from Sihanoukville stops at Eco Sea Dive one end, then M'Pai Bei village the other, by Sunset Bungalows. Every night that you spend here contributes $1 towards providing free medical care for the local community -- it's integrated into the price of your room. Feel free to contribute more if you wish.

Easy Tiger
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
M'Pai Bei, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: The Gypsies, Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville
T: (016) 207 644

If you're after a dorm room and a chilled out vibe, British-Australian Easy Tiger, in the heart of M'Pay Bei village, seems to be the best-run option around on Koh Rong Samloem. They also offer four bungalows, tucked away directly behind the dorm building. The bungalows don't have views of anything much -- just the pizza oven! -- but this isn't much different to the other new bungalows under... Read our full review of Easy Tiger.

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EcoSea Dive & Bungalows
Backpacker - Under US$10
Long Beach, M'Pai Bei, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: Serendipity Beach Rd, Sihanoukville
T: (034) 934 631

All on its own at the end of a 1.2 kilometre-long beach, EcoSea Dive & Bungalows offers a chance to get away from the crowds, and dive into underwater journeys around the island. Just 10-minute walk from the village, they have their own pier, which the speed ferry stops at enroute to Koh Rong. They have a collection of fairly solid wooden bungalows looking out to sea, set back into the pine... Read our full review of EcoSea Dive & Bungalows.

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The Drift
Backpacker - Under US$10
M’Pai Bei, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (096) 589 7493

Taking it easy is easy at The Drift, a relaxed, backpacker friendly little spot just along from the pier on M’Pai Bei. Run by a Dane, Kristian, this little guesthouse, restaurant and bar has a small dorm overlooking the bay, as well as private rooms, all prettily decorated. The rooms are simple and unassuming, but so are the prices. The bathrooms are cold water showers, with the one... Read our full review of The Drift.

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Dragonfly Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Behind M’Pai Bei village, Koh Rong Samloen
T: (069) 493 914

A little tricky to find, Dragonfly is nonetheless a beautiful little spot and worth the journey, whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay, or somewhere for a beautiful sundowner. In fact, it’s really not that hard to find in a village with only two and a half roads. The accommodation is simple, consisting of a dorm with around a dozen simple mattresses with mosquito nets, or you can... Read our full review of Dragonfly Guesthouse.

Sunset Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
M'Pai Bei village, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (086) 682 456

Step off the pier at M'Pai Bei village and enter into the charming French-managed Sunset Bungalows with views straight out to sea from any of their wooden bungalows, or the bar and restaurant with its 270-degree view on the sea. Tucked into the trees with sunset, set back from a winding, sandy path, this place is designed for a peaceful stay. The eight widely spaced bungalows are made from... Read our full review of Sunset Bungalows.

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West coast

The west of the island has three bungalow resorts and one tree-tent "hangout" on two golden sand beaches, offering beautiful sunset views. Neither Sunset Beach nor Lazy Beach is serviced by the fast boat operators. The limited choice of accommodation makes these a peaceful option, requiring a jungle walk (20 minutes from Lazy Beach, 45 minutes from Sunset Beach) if you want to visit the white sands of Saracen Bay on the east side -- well worth it.

Lazy Beach
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Lazy Beach, west side, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: Serendipity Rd, Sihanoukville
T: (016) 214 211

Lazy Beach is an enviable location for a quiet getaway, offering a winning combination of seclusion, wonderful food, sunset views. The 20 well-built wood and thatch bungalows are dotted in two rows along the length of the beach. The newer bungalows further from the restaurant have glass windows and larger balconies. All bungalows sleep up to four people, who can pull straws over the two... Read our full review of Lazy Beach.

Sleeping Trees
Backpacker - Under US$10
Sunset Beach, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (071) 773 6403

Join the five-foot high club with special tents strung between the trees that offer a unique sleeping experience right on the beach, or set back into the forest. These very comfy-looking shelters come with bed linen and mattress, and if you don't fancy that, there's also a magnificent field tent that looks fit for a safari and comes with a very comfortable double bed. It will soon also have... Read our full review of Sleeping Trees.

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Huba Huba
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sunset Beach, west side, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (088) 554 5619

Tucked into the best end of 450 metre-long Sunset Beach, Huba Huba is a charming little hideaway in a quiet location that represents good value. The accommodation is, like most on Koh Rong Samloem, simple. There are four family bungalows with verandas right on the beach -- consisting of a double bed plus two twins -- as well as wooden jungle double bungalows on the hillside. From the latter... Read our full review of Huba Huba .

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Robinson Bungalows
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Sunset Beach, west side, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: The Dive Shop, Serendipity Rd, Sihanoukville
T: (088) 454 6872

Robinson Bungalows comes in at the low end of the bungalow price scale yet has a fabulous, quiet setting in its own little nook. It mixes a backwoods feel with tropical beach -- the best of both worlds. The 10 wood and thatch bedrooms are built at the edge of the jungle with sea views that make your heart sing and the sound of insects and monkeys to lull you to sleep. Most of the bungalows... Read our full review of Robinson Bungalows.

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Saracen Bay

Beautiful sunrises reward early risers on popular Sarcen Bay, and monthly full moon parties serve night owls. If you want to go exploring, jungle footpaths lead to western beaches and the southern lighthouse.

Cita Resort
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloen
T: (096) 261 2418

On this very highly-priced stretch of real estate with a view, Cita Resort offered a refreshing insight into how good value, beautifully designed accommodation can be done without fleecing your guests. Cita has just five, two-tier wooden bungalows with thatched roofs that are stylishly designed to integrate an open-air shower and bathroom and separate lounging space underneath the bedroom. The... Read our full review of Cita Resort.

Secret Paradise
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Southern end of the bay, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (093) 54800

Towards the southern, quieter end of the beach, Secret Paradise may be a little pricey, but it offers beautiful bungalows, a great bar and restaurant, and all-around excellent service. Built in 2014, the spacious, comfortably-spaced-out, solid wooden bungalows are beautifully put together, with glass fronts looking straight out to sea, tiled floors, ensuite bathrooms, rattan furniture, plenty... Read our full review of Secret Paradise.

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Saracen Bay Resort
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (016) 997 047

Just a few hundred metres down from the top pier on Saracen Bay, Saracen Bay Resort has a run of impeccably clean, well-spaced-out bungalows with views straight out to sea. Their style is rarely outshone by the competition, but is matched by the smooth, friendly professionalism of the staff. Carefully designed and located, they are one of the top picks on the island for comfort while still... Read our full review of Saracen Bay Resort.

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The Beach
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: Seredipity Beach Pier
T: (034) 666 6106

Smart design, good materials, and a keen eye for a party make this place a popular destination for young travellers and groups of friends. The cheap sleeps include beautifully made $5 open-air dorms, while the pricier offering comes in range of choices from wooden bungalows with shared bathrooms, to stone huts with thatch roofs and ensuite bathrooms. Everything is attractively done, even... Read our full review of The Beach.

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The One
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem
T: (016) 676 700

A new level of style for Koh Rong Samloem, The One offers 20 villas arranged in rows backing away from the beach, all designed to very high specifications with plenty of space, air-con and 24-hour electricity. This is luxury. The bungalows are all wood, with thatched roofs, glass-fronted walls (to keep in all the delicious cold air) and a modern look despite the choice of building materials.... Read our full review of The One .

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Paradise Bungalows - The Villas
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem. Booking office: Mick & Craig’s Guestouse, Serendipity Beach Road, Sihanoukville
T: (092) 548 883

The second to last property on the southern end of Saracen Bay — just past what some call the Khmer Pier — Paradise Villas are a quiet retreat from the world, and even from Saracen Bay, with grass-fronted bungalows looking out to sea. The large stone and wooden bungalows are decked out with private balconies, as well as their own little patch of garden with loungers. The en-suite... Read our full review of Paradise Bungalows - The Villas.

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