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Accommodation in Battambang has improved radically of late and these days you have an excellent choice in all categories, with some slightly out of town resort-style options in addition to the downtown hotels. In fact such is the choice and value for money, it's a shame visitors don't spend more nights here. Note though that tourism in Battambang is experiencing a sharp increase, so some of the most popular options may get very busy in high season -- it can be a good idea to book in advance.

Bambu Hotel
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Street 203, Phum Romchek 5, Battambang
T: (053) 953 900, (012) 731 405

There was great excitement when Bambu first opened in 2010, and the positive vibes haven’t died down since. With a winning combination of decent location, good design, friendly staff and good value for money, that’s hardly any surprise. The architect-designed villa-style hotel is located down relatively quiet Street 203, so only a 10-minute walk into the centre. The French colonial-style... Read our full review of Bambu Hotel.

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Toprange - US$75 to 150
#112 Street 2, Battambang
T: (077) 531 562, (077) 531 549

There are so many elements to this place that it’s impossible to keep track. In fact you could cheerfully spend an afternoon browsing through the extraordinary shop of gloriously tasteful odds, ends, bits, pieces, appurtenances and miscellanea, before repairing to the Libations Bar for a stem or two of Champagne, which goes remarkably well home-made rilettes, and then floating on upstairs to... Read our full review of Bric-a-Brac.

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Here Be Dragons
Backpacker - Under US$10
Street 155, Battambang
T: (089) 264 895

Fun and funky, in a good location with a pleasant setting, friendly atmosphere and not least an imaginative name, Here Be Dragons is our top backpacker choice in town. The guesthouse has a central though quiet location in an old very art deco riverfront villa on the east bank of the Sangkar, roughly halfway between Hun Sen and Sar Kheng bridges. It’s set in a garden, with a restaurant and bar... Read our full review of Here Be Dragons.

La Villa
Midrange - US$35 to 75
#185 Pom Romchek 5 Kom Rattanak, Battambang
T: (053) 730 151, (017) 411 880

For a long while, La Villa was Battambang’s premier (indeed only) luxury hotel. But even as more modern, and dazzling, resorts have sprung up around town, La Villa is still by far the most romantic, classic destination that holds its own despite the gross monstrosities that have been allowed to be constructed alongside it. Many have been tempted to write La Villa off as a result of these boils... Read our full review of La Villa.

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Lux Guesthouse
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
#79, Street 3, Battambang
T: (092) 335 767, (099) 598 787

So the pictures on the website are decidedly cheesy, but don’t let that stop you from this great value, super-central option. Kitted out with Khmer furniture (a whole forest of it), the lux rooms are spotlessly clean, and come with all mod-cons including air-con, hot water, cable TV, very fairly-priced minibar, and WiFi, though we recommend you book a room close to the centre and the router if... Read our full review of Lux Guesthouse.

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King Fy Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
#306 Street 155, Romchek 5 Village, Battambang
T: (053) 000 0150, (053) 952 901, (077) 757 502

King Fy (pronounced fee) is the tall, thin, grey-blue building on the riverbank that towers over downtown Battambang. Opinions vary – it’s a bit of an eyesore, though it could have been a lot worse, and architecture aside, as a hotel, it’s pretty good. The rooms are comfortable; they aren’t huge, but all have good views, free tea and coffee, minibars, WiFi, air-con, cable TV and even... Read our full review of King Fy Hotel.

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Maison Wat Kor
Toprange - US$75 to 150
Street 800, Wat Kor Village, Battambang
T: (053) 666 9676, (017) 333 925

If you've got the money to spend, Maisons Wat Kor is a wonderful choice, offering four traditionally styled villas set in a romantic flower-filled garden with pool. Imagine a garden filled with the most redolent flowers you can imagine, things like jasmine, frangipani, ginger and one that smells beguilingly like roasted coconut, and you’ll come close to imagining what it’s like to enter... Read our full review of Maison Wat Kor.

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Sangker Villa
Midrange - US$35 to 75
200 Phum Rumchek 4, Battambang
T: (097) 764 0017

We kind of fell in love with this place at first sight, and we promise it had nothing to do with the fact that the owner also has a business making natural sorbets. Approaching Sangker Villa is not substantially different from stepping into someone’s home, and it turns out this is what the owners were hoping for. The rooms are relatively simple, but very roomy with some nifty touches like... Read our full review of Sangker Villa.

Senghout Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Street 2, Battambang
T: (012) 530 327, (012) 933 120, (092) 520 293

With a backpacker price range but hotel style, Senghout represents a great deal – it has a central location and swimming pool but will set you back just $10. Senghout is just to the north of the market and a block back from the river but a great rooftop terrace provides 360 degree views of the town and surrounding area. Rooms are spacious and clean, though minimally decorated, and many come... Read our full review of Senghout Hotel.

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Star Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Street 102, Battambang
T: (053) 953 522, (017) 545 455, (017) 545 471

We got such a great welcome at this place, it was a genuinely wonderful thing. Star, Royal and Asia Hotels are all under the same ownership, though they each have different management. Star on Street 102 is the smallest of the three and to our minds the friendliest – they also consistently come in as number one on the cleanest hotel in town stakes. Rooms are spotless and corridors and stairs... Read our full review of Star Hotel.

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Tomato Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
#119 Street 3.5, Battambang
T: (053) 690 7374

We had to do a double-take when the owner told us the prices she’s charging for this place. With dorms at $1.50, and rooms for $3 to $4 depending on size, we though we’d surely misheard, especially as we’d already had a look at the rooms. You’re not going to get palatial at these prices, but they were clean, with intact sheets, the dorms have mosquito nets, sockets and a light available... Read our full review of Tomato Guesthouse.

Vy Chhe Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
#177 Street 155, Romechek 4, Battambang
T: (053) 953 898, (053) 952 686, (089) 661 168

Nothing says you’ve made it in Cambodia quite like chopping down an entire forest then carving it up into immense pieces of astonishingly ugly and uncomfortable furniture in adventurous shades of orange/brown. And on that basis, Vy Chhe has definitely made it; the lobby is simply teeming with such defilements, and the bedroom furniture is in much the same vein. If you’re not a tree-hugger... Read our full review of Vy Chhe Hotel.

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Au Cabaret Vert
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Street 57, Toul Ta Ek, Battambang
T: (053) 656 2000, (077) 991 384

There’s a lot that endears about this place. There are its eco-credentials for starters, with a plant-filtered, chemical-free pool, rain water recovery, carefully sourced wood, and waste-management. The restaurant is one of the most highly-regarded in Battambang, with a menu of “high-end” French and Khmer food. The round bar is a great hang-out too, and very popular with the local French... Read our full review of Au Cabaret Vert.

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Ganesha Family Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Street 1.5, Battambang
T: (092) 135 570, (092) 144 479

A relatively new addition to the backpacker range is Ganesha Family Guesthouse on the very sweet Street 1.5, though you can also enter from Street 2. This is a small guesthouse with six rooms and two dorms, so availability may be an issue during high season. It’s a well-equipped and run little guesthouse, with a cafe and eating area overlooking Street 1.5, all the usual tour and travel info and... Read our full review of Ganesha Family Guesthouse.

Royal Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Street 115, Battambang
T: (016) 912 034

A longstanding and popular option – indeed for years Royal was almost the only choice in Battambang – we reckon the Royal needs to life its game a bit due to the recent proliferation of good value for money accommodation options elsewhere in town. Its location is excellent and its large size – 116 rooms -- means you've always got a good chance of snaring a room, though the hotel is starting... Read our full review of Royal Hotel.

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Slightly outside Battambang town

Battambang Resort
Midrange - US$35 to 75
Wat Ko Village, Battambang
T: (053) 666 7001, (012) 510 100, (098) 528 210

Flanked on all sides by green fields and just a short tuk tuk ride south of Battambang, Battambang Resort is all about a reversion to nature. You could lose yourself for hours in the lush and mature tropical gardens and once you’re done with that, dive into the refreshing salt-water pool at the heart of the property. The bungalows come in two varieties. The standard garden rooms offer... Read our full review of Battambang Resort.

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The Coconut House
Flashpacker - US$10 to 35
Preak Prash Sdach Village, Battambang
T: (053) 665 5447, (088) 905 4507

We were first drawn to this place by the promise of a healthy menu, but there’s much more going for it than that. It’s a little bit out of town -- five minutes on a tuk tuk -- but Coconut House is a really comfortable, pragmatic choice, especially for those who might be looking for longer-term accommodation. The air-con rooms are spread across two buildings - the owner suggests that if you... Read our full review of The Coconut House.

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The Sanctuary Villa
Midrange - US$35 to 75
520 Chrey Krong Village, Battambang
T: (097) 216 7168

The Sanctuary Villa offers all the feeling of a real haven, with eight modern bungalows scattered around a saltwater pool and tucked in among landscaped trees and shrubs. The bungalows blend a modern framework with traditional finishings, topped off with very Thai-style roofs in a style that works well. The effect is breezy and luxurious without being over the top. Inside the rooms are decorated... Read our full review of The Sanctuary Villa.

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