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Fifteen kilometres south of Waikabubak, the small town of Wanokaka gives its name to the whole local district. Continue four kilometres down the road, and you’ll hit the namesake beach. Limited accommodation here includes a friendly backpackers right in the village.

Waihura Beach

Wanokaka Beach and its neighbour Waihura Beach share the same bay and are divided by a river estuary. There’s only one very basic (and very friendly) place to stay, but it’s the best budget choice in the region.

Joni Homestay
Joni Homestay

Become part of the family

From 150,000 rupiah Walk-in

Rua Beach

West of Waihura Beach, and just around the bay from Nihiwatu, the calm waters and white sands of Rua Beach make it a popular local swimming destination. Two all-inclusive digs cover the midrange price spectrum, however the offerings are mostly more budget to midrange.

Nihiwatu Beach

Got cash? A rich aunt? Special celebration? Exclusive Nihiwatu Beach is only open to guests of the luxury resort, however if you do stay here you’ll be spoilt in every way possible, with a stunning beach, perfect waves and an abundance of creature comforts.

Nihiwatu Resort
Nihiwatu Resort

Luxury. Exclusivity. Philanthropy

From US$650 Walk-in

Kerewee Beach

West of Nihiwatu and east of Marosi Beach lays beautiful Kerewee and nearby hidden bays where it’s possible to surf, swim and snorkel. Kerewee presents two basic homestays with a choice of gorgeous views or beachfront.

Marosi Beach

Deserted and pristine, Marosi Beach has no beachfront accommodation, but head up the hill for a comfortable sleep and sensational views.