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Banyuwangi is to the east of Kawah Ijen and six kilometres from the port for ferries to Bali. Options are fairly limited and most rooms are basic.

Hotel Baru
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan MT Haryono 82-84, Banyuwangi
T: (0333) 421 369

There's a lot to like about this locally-run hotel located in a quaint backstreet away from the main roads of Banyuwangi. Each of the rooms has traditional tiled floors, foam beds, old furniture and cold water bathrooms, with the cheaper rooms containing traditional mandis and more expensive rooms containing showers. The more expensive rooms have refreshing air-con which is a godsend on those... Read our full review of Hotel Baru.

Hotel Berlin Barat
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan MT Haryono 96, Banyuwangi
T: (0333) 421 323

This place is in direct competition with Hotel Baru down the road and offers similar features at a similar price, although it feels less clean. The walls in many of the rooms here are marked making them feel slightly grotty. Despite this, the thin mattresses on the beds are comfy enough, the tiny rooms airy and the squat toilets and cold water bak mandis clean despite some signs of age. The more... Read our full review of Hotel Berlin Barat .

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Bondowoso is to the west of Kawah Ijen, a slight detour for those doing a trans-Java trip. Lodgings are quite basic.

Palm Hotel
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Ahmad Yani 32, Bondowoso
T: (0332) 421 201

This is easily the best option in town for travellers and it's certainly tempting to lay down a few extra rupiah to upgrade to the very comfortable hot water air-con rooms. The cheapest rooms are cheaper because they don't contain hot water or air-con and feel slightly older than their more expensive counterparts downstairs. But they are still extremely bright, clean and comfortable and contain... Read our full review of Palm Hotel.

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Hotel Baru
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan Kartini 26, Bondowoso
T: (0332) 421 474

Not to be confused with the hotel of the same name in Banyuwangi, Hotel Baru offers a huge variety of rooms in different configurations, but of particular note are the economy rooms, which represent great value in Bondowoso. The clean rooms are basic but clean and feature squat toilet and cold water bak mandi, two beds, a basin, a table and a couple of chairs. Breakfast is also included in the... Read our full review of Hotel Baru.

Hotel Slamet
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan PB Surdirman 45, Bondowoso
T: (0332) 421 516

Hotel Slamet is a bare-bones cheapy located in the heart of Bondowoso's market district. The rooms here are very clean and decent enough for a one-night stay in town, especially given that the price of the cheapest rooms are probably as cheap as you can get in Bondowoso. They contain twin foam beds, squat toilets and cold water bak mandis, but no fan. Pay a little bit extra and you get a fan –... Read our full review of Hotel Slamet.

Hotel Anugerah
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan May Jend Soetoyo 12, Bondowoso
T: (0332) 421 870

Gaudy bed spreads, dodgy paint jobs and strange decorations all combine to make this place feel a bit old and a bit out of touch with what customers want. As well as the gaudiness, some of the surfaces in the rooms are a bit dirty making things feel even worse. The cheaper rooms are basic with cold water squat toilet bathrooms and the most expensive containing air-con and hot water. But even in... Read our full review of Hotel Anugerah.

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Pos Paltuding

If you want to stay as close to the summit as possible, this is your best bet. But be warned, it is basic.

Adhoc accommodation at Kawah Ijen
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Pos Paltunding, Kawah Ijen

Depending on how desperate you are to see a sunrise at Kawah Ijen, you can arrange to stay at Pos Paltuding in rudimentary accommodation in the form of wooden huts. Pos Paltuding is the starting point of the trek to the crater and as such is a great place to stay if you absolutely must get to the top for sunrise -- but that's not absolutely necessary for this particular volcano as the views are... Read our full review of Adhoc accommodation at Kawah Ijen.

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