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Accommodation in Bogor is scattered around the city, but all within walking distance of the botanical gardens. The hotels around the train station are okay for a couple of nights, but there are better options the further you move away.

Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Padjajaran No. 25, Bogor
T: (0251) 831 2200

This chain hotel has basic modern rooms which are very comfortable, but lack any character whatsoever. In each rooms is a plush bed with crisp white linen, a safe, LCD TV, air-con, thick windows to keep outside noise to a minimum and hot water bathroom with shower and Western toilet. Free WiFi is advertised but never worked during our stay there and the staff were not equipped to deal with the... Read our full review of Amaris.

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Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Inside the botanical gardens
T: (0251) 831 1362

The stunning Guesthouse Nusa Indah was built in 1914 as a halfway house for researchers by the director of the botanical gardens at the time. The building still retains all of its colonial beauty with large rooms, high ceilings, colonial floor tiles and plenty of antique furniture. The bedrooms here contain big beds, a few odd bits of furniture, a sink and high ceilings which keep the temperature... Read our full review of Guesthouse Nusa Indah.

Mirah Sartika Hotel
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Dewi Sartika 6A, Bogor
T: (0251) 831 2343

Throughout Indonesia it is difficult to find reasonable accommodation at this price point. Usually the hotels are overpriced crappy things or once-glamourous digs that let their standards slip so much they need to discount to get people in the door. Either way, the rooms are often substandard. At Mirah Sartika Hotel, however, it's a different story. Sure, you'll find old TVs here, but the rooms... Read our full review of Mirah Sartika Hotel.

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Royal Hotel
Midrange - 400,000 to 1,000,000 Rp
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 16, Bogor
T: (0251) 834 7123

This luxury hotel just across the road from the gardens offers something a little bit different from many bland competitors in that it embraces classic styling while still remaining modern – old-fashioned light shades and furniture are placed throughout. Each of the rooms comes with a plush bed with crisp white linen, huge flat screen TV with international channels, minibar, safe, large... Read our full review of Royal Hotel.

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Wisma Firman
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan Paledang 48, Bogor
T: (0251) 323 246

There's a choice of upstairs or downstairs, private cold water bathroom or shared at this classic backpacker place not far from the botanical gardens. The cheapest rooms are downstairs and are quite dark and don't have views or the great common area that the upstairs rooms have. Also, the toilets downstairs are of the squat variety which may not appeal to all. On the upstairs terrace there are... Read our full review of Wisma Firman.

Wisma Pakuan
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Pakuan No.12, Bogor
T: (0251) 831 9430

Just up from the bus terminal and the botanical gardens. Wisma Pakuan is a perfect choice for flashpackers. A combination of good location, clean facilities, air-con and other niceties give this place an edge over others at this price. The whole place is bright and airy with rooms kept open when no guests are in them to ensure they remain fresh. The beds in the rooms are reasonable spring ones... Read our full review of Wisma Pakuan.

Abu Pensione
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan Mayor Oking No. 15, Bogor
T: (0251) 832 2893

Right next to the station, this place is perfectly located for the weary traveller in need of a room after the train journey from Jakarta. It's a large, sprawling complex that slides down a ravine towards the rubbish-filled river below. Rooms are extremely basic with foam mattresses, bedside tables and fans. The bathrooms of those rooms which have them inside are cleaner than the shared ones, but... Read our full review of Abu Pensione.

Hotel Bogor Permai
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Sawojajar 38, Bogor
T: (0251) 838 1633

After entering the dark lobby, it appears that someone at Bogor Permai has a phobia of light or is trying to simply save electricity. After turning on your headtorch, you exit the cave-like lobby and surprisingly enter a beautiful courtyard garden which gives all of the rooms a big burst of light through their windows. The air-con rooms have decent spring beds with disappointingly worn sheets,... Read our full review of Hotel Bogor Permai.

Hotel Efita
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Sawojajar No.5, Bogor
T: (0251) 833 3400

This is a stock standard 1980s-style hotel that hasn't been renovated, as evidenced by the ancient cable TVs and the primitive light switch control panel next to the bed. For your money you get air-con, minibar and a hot water bathroom with shower and Western toilet plus a decent spring bed with sheets that aren't as threadbare as some other golden oldies. With that said, you might be better off... Read our full review of Hotel Efita.

Crawford Lodge
Flashpacker - 150,000 to 400,000 Rp
Jalan Pangrango No.2, Bogor
T: (0251) 322 429

Crawford Lodge is an old-fashioned hotel recommended by many of the guides in Bogor, which should raise some suspicion. Our view is that this place is simply not worth the price being charged. The rooms are large and spacious with lots of old furniture in them. The beds have comfy spring mattresses with good quality clean sheets and will suit even the most fussy of travellers. The bathrooms,... Read our full review of Crawford Lodge.

Puri Bali Homestay
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan Paledang No.50, Bogor
T: (0251) 835 1566

You pay a bit more here than you do at other cheapies in Bogor, but the prices aren't really justified as the quality on offer is not too crash hot. The large rooms are dark and dingy with foam beds and an uninviting feel. The private cold water bak mandi squat toilet bathrooms do the job – just – but are very basic. A simple breakfast is included in the tariff as is all-day tea and... Read our full review of Puri Bali Homestay.

Wisma Sartika
Backpacker - Under 150,000 Rp
Jalan Gedong Sawah III/4D, Bogor
T: (0251) 832 3747

For such a cheap place, Wisma Sartika does a good job of providing a reasonable level of comfort for its guests. That said, the rooms are extremely dark and a change to stronger light bulbs is in order. The cold water bathrooms have showers and Western toilets but don't necessarily include a toilet seat. The sheets on the spring beds here are so thin you can see the mattress underneath, but you... Read our full review of Wisma Sartika.

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