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We have 3 places to stay in and around Ujung Genteng.

Turtle Beach

If you’re heading to Ujung Genteng for the waves or the turtles (there’s not really a lot more here), the best location for both is at Turtle Beach, although accommodation choices are limited, somewhat overpriced and food options even more lean. Guesthouses here usually include meals in the rate which is often quoted per person. Expect cold showers (or mandi) and non-existent WiFi. For more hotel-style accomodation venture south towards the main village.

Turtles Bungalows
Turtles Bungalows

Best all-inclusive deal on the strip

From US$20 Walk-in

Jungle Feet
Jungle Feet

Budget price, priceless view

From 250,000 rupiah Walk-in