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While the vast majority of Luang Nam Tha's accommodation is clustered in and around town, there is a long-running option outside of town for those looking for a laid back spot in a more natural setting.

Luang Nam Tha

For such a small town, the guesthouses are relatively cheap and plentiful. Most are within walking distance of each other. Places can fill up in the high season and during this time you may have to visit a few before finding a room.

Thoulasith Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$10
Beside Minority Restaurant, Main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (086) 212 166

This newish, two-storey joint claims on its business card to be the best guesthouse in Luang Nam Tha, and you know what, it’s a contender. While the rooms aren't the biggest in town, they boast very comfortable beds with, wait for it, real bedding. Bathroom tiles have some mould but the bathroom is otherwise clean and comes with hot water shower with a curtain and Western toilet. The most... Read our full review of Thoulasith Guest House.

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Zuela Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (020) 2206 3888

Despite not being the cheapest in town, Zuela Guesthouse’s very friendly English-speaking staff and its reputation have made it a popular choice. A wide variety of rooms are available in two separate wooden and brick buildings, part of a compound that includes a good restaurant and bicycle/motorbike rental. The cheap rooms are simple and nothing to write home about. The exposed brick walls and... Read our full review of Zuela Guesthouse.

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Phou Iu III
Midrange - US$20 to 50
Ban Phonxay, Luang Nam Tha
T: (020) 9944 0084

If you want to stay away from the main drag but still be within walking distance, Phou Iu III is the spot. The place has a more natural and local setting, with the five bungalows surrounded by gardens, a large lawn and local homes (which unfortunately means your stay could coincide with a karaoke night). Though it’s near the Nam Tha River, there are no river views. Like its sister property in... Read our full review of Phou Iu III.

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Adounsiri Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Behind Thoulasith Guesthouse, road parallel and west of main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (020) 2299 1898

Located on the road directly behind Thoulasith and Zuela, Adounsiri Guesthouse is a little family-owned guesthouse and Mr Ketsana is eager to make guest stays pleasant. Adounsiri’s reputation for cheap rooms has backpackers flocking here. The rooms are very basic and could be cleaner. They have tiled floors, spring beds, poor fluorescent lighting and hot water, wet room bathrooms with Western... Read our full review of Adounsiri Guesthouse.

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Bouason Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Road parallel and west of main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (086) 211 251

This tidy multi-storey hotel in the north end of town gets hardly any customers due to its location, and that’s a shame because it's an excellent choice at a decent price. All of the tiled rooms are clean, feel newish and come with air-con and hot water bathrooms with Western toilet, a wardrobe and big springy beds with decent sheets. There's WiFi and the price is hard to beat. If you’re... Read our full review of Bouason Guesthouse.

Dokchampa Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (086) 212 226

We are a little embarrassed to say this but we like Dokchampa Hotel. We really like it and it’s often where we choose to throw down our pack when we roll into Luang Nam Tha. This is your typical tour group hotel – large, impersonal, boring – but you’d be surprised to learn that it’s the same price or even cheaper than some of the guesthouses in town. The rooms are large, well lit and... Read our full review of Dokchampa Hotel.

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Houng Heuang Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$10
Main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (030) 920 1586

Luang Nam Tha basically has two types of accommodation: those that are angled towards Western travellers and those aimed at Chinese and/or Lao travellers. There are far more of the latter than the former, but as you'll get no English at any of these and, on occasion, a bit of a stony welcome, we've not listed them. Houng Heuang is about the best of this category of guesthouses we could find.... Read our full review of Houng Heuang Guest House.

Khamking Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Opposite night market, main road, Luang Nam Tha
T: (020) 511 1300

This three-storey joint is an okay stand-by if the better Zuela, Bouason or Thoulasith are full and you absolutely need a guesthouse atmosphere – otherwise Dokchampa Hotel is cheaper. Khamking have raised their price and now it’s hard to see a reason why you’d choose to stay here over the others. The rooms are a passable level of cleanliness and have a few sticks of furniture including TV... Read our full review of Khamking Guesthouse.

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Outside Luang Nam Tha

The most likely reason you'll find yourself staying in the outer reaches of Luang Nam Tha is The Boat Landing Guesthouse.

The Boat Landing Guesthouse
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Ban Kone, 6 km from Luang Nam Tha town
T: (086) 312 398

Once upon a time, The Boat Landing was THE place to stay in Luang Nam Tha. It had a strong eco-tourism ethos and the bungalows on the river were attractive and comfortable. But now the rooms and service have slipped a little and suffer from age. We can start with the positives. The Boat Landing has a picturesque setting on the Nam Tha river, a quiet getaway only six kilometres south of town. It... Read our full review of The Boat Landing Guesthouse.

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