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We have 8 places to stay in and around Muang Ngoi.

Muang Ngoi

Most come to Muang Ngoi to stay in a bungalow overlooking the river, however, there are also non-bungalow options. Muang Ngoi is small and if you choose to arrive and shop around for accommodation, keep in mind that in low season you should be able to knock 10,000 to 20,000 kip off the prices we’ve listed. In high season, the budget places do fill up and those arriving from Nong Kiaow in the morning get first pick while people arriving later from Muang Khua will find themselves with less options.

The town now has 24-hour electricity, hot showers and WiFi, but the mod cons don’t always work and English remains limited. Very few places have fencing or security and the standalone bungalows are not very secure. We’ve received persistent reports of thefts from bungalows in Muang Ngoi and don’t recommend leaving any valuables in the room.