Photo: Flowers in a field near Muang Kham.


By the hot springs

If, after Phonsavan and Muang Kham you're still looking for something even more remote and un-travelled, then around the hot springs near Muang Kham could be what you are searching for.

Hot Springs Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Baw Nam Norn Nyai
T: (020) 246 1615

There are a range of different rooms at the Hot Springs Guesthouse with the cheapest being a great bargain. They have electric hot water bathrooms with Western toilet, wardrobes and decent beds although the size of the actual rooms is small. The more expensive rooms have better beds, air-conditioning and baths which draw water from the hot spring which is the primary reason most people come here.... Read our full review of Hot Springs Guesthouse.

Muang Kham

Although most travellers and backpackers choose to stay in Phonsavan town and visit the Plain of Jars from there, it is possible to do the same from Muang Kham, which has a small selection of guesthouses. If nothing else expect even fewer tourists in Muang Kham than in Phonsavan.

Thattavanh Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Behind the market and bus station
T: (061) 217 018

This hotel built in 2012 is the best option in town. Located just behind the main road to Sam Neua near the market and bus station, Thattavanh's rooms boast shiny tiled floors, fans, spring beds with thin but clean sheets and quilt, TVs with international channels, wardrobes and hot water bathrooms with Western toilet. The rooms get plenty of natural light and it's a pleasant place to spend a... Read our full review of Thattavanh Guesthouse.

Souk Sa Khon Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Muang Kham
T: (061) 217 018

Just down the road from the main intersection, the Souk Sa Khon is unobtrusive and looks slightly grubby on the outside. Rooms are small and dark and they appear quite clean on the surface and feature a mosquito net but no quilt covers. Some have no bathroom while others have a tiny private bathroom with squat toilet and hot shower. We found the entire place to be depressing and the staff to... Read our full review of Souk Sa Khon Guesthouse.

Where to next?

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