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Despite being Laos’ second most populous city, Pakse has surprisingly few good value accommodation for budget travellers. Most use the city as a transit hub and jumping off point for explorations further afield and travellers rarely linger. Accommodation is also scattered throughout the Bolaven Plateau—between Pakse and Paksong, in Paksong itself and between Paksong and Thateng. All can be enjoyable bases to see the waterfalls, coffee plantations and scenery. See our dedicated Tad Lo section for guesthouse options there.

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Pakse has utilitarian hotels and guesthouses, and very few tempt travellers to stay any longer than necessary. They are mostly clustered in the old French quarter and along Route 13 in the section of land where the Xe Don wraps around to join the Mekong. Basic homestay is available on Don Kho island, in the Mekong north of the Pakse.

Road 16 between Pakse and Paksong, Bolaven Plateau

The road rising up into the Bolaven Plateau between Pakse and Paksong is peppered with waterfalls, some of which have accommodation.


Known as the “coffee capital of Laos”, Paksong is a function-over-fashion kind of town but it’s a good base to explore the Bolaven Plateau’s waterfalls and coffee plantations. It’s consistently cool/cold here at night, therefore accommodation usually does not have air-con or even fan. It’s 50 km east of Pakse, 60 km drive from Tad Lo.

Ban Lak Khao (Paksong to Thateng Road), Bolaven Plateau

Sinouk Coffee Resort is located in Ban Lak Khao, 32 km north of Paksong on the sealed road between Paksong and Thateng.

Sinouk Coffee Resort
Sinouk Coffee Resort

Lovely spot but overpriced

From US$38 with Agoda