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Overall, Savannakhet's accommodation is nothing to write home about. It offers some truly dismal options and a handful of clean and adequate family-run spots, but lacks that budget gem of a guesthouse. It could be worse -- but do choose wisely as the same rate will get you a filthy and noisy room at one place or a clean and quiet one at another.

Boualuang Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
99/08 Ratsavongseuk Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 300 106

With its recently built ice blue two-storey facade and shiny, white tile-floor rooms with tons of space, Boualuang reminded us of the brand-new, modern hotels available on the other side of the river in Thailand. Charming Boualuang is not but if you want functionality, cleanliness and comfort at reasonable prices, it can't be beat. Rooms come in two sizes, but the 'smaller' versions set in a... Read our full review of Boualuang Hotel.

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Sala Savan Guesthouse
Midrange - US$20 to 50
129 Kouvolavong Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 212 445

The French-style building that houses Sala Savan was built in 1926 and is included as one of 20 notable historic buildings in Savannakhet in the brochure offered at the tourist info centre. The two-storey house with a classy cream-coloured exterior is indeed lovely, and all five rooms boast high ceilings, hardwood floors with traditional grass mats, classic wood furnishings, dim lighting and... Read our full review of Sala Savan Guesthouse.

Souannavong Guest House
Backpacker - Under US$10
152 Senna Rd, Savannakhet
T: (020) 5637 3818

The Souannavong is a small, family-run guesthouse with a central location two blocks north of Saint Theresa Church in the middle of town. A true guesthouse, the lobby area feels more like a living room with its couches and TV, and WiFi works well throughout the building. Rooms are all a bit different so you might check out a few -- the larger upstairs rooms, though well-kept, have a lived in feel... Read our full review of Souannavong Guest House .

Daosavanh Resort
Toprange - US$50 to 100
Tha He Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 252 188

Facing the river at the south end of town, Daosavanh is a large-scale, high-end luxury resort with all the fixings. You could say the style is contemporary Lao, but the resort's large white buildings are more imposing than charming. Rooms come in four variations, the cheapest of which are large and spotless with shiny white tile floors and walls, comfortable beds, desks, traditional Lao art,... Read our full review of Daosavanh Resort.

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Leena Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Chao Kim Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 212 404

Tucked at the end of a quiet sidestreet off Chao Kim Road and a short walk from Wat Rattana and Ratsavongseuk Road, Leena is a popular backpacker spot with basic but functional rooms. Rooms are on the dark side, although that's not a bad thing if you take a fan room as they stay quite cool. Fan rooms boast little more than a firm bed and simple cold shower bath and you can pay 10,000 kip more for... Read our full review of Leena Guesthouse.

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Nong Soda Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under US$10
Tha Hae Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 212 522

The long-running Nong Soda, also known as the Mekong Riverside restaurant, is a series of large and somewhat goofy lime-yellow concrete buildings by the river and just past the Thai consulate at the north of town. The location is a tad out of the way but not too far, especially if you rent a bicycle from the guesthouse for 10,000 kip per day. Rooms could use a good coat of paint and bathrooms are... Read our full review of Nong Soda Guesthouse.

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Savanbanhao Hotel
Backpacker - Under US$10
Senna Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 212 202

This hotel is set in a large featureless enclosure with four two-storey blocks along with a smaller single-storey longhouse all surrounding a central lobby area. It's a strange set-up with each building feeling like an island in a sea of parking lot, but rooms are spacious and appear to be well-kept if a bit worn, although the 70,000 kip older editions are probably best avoided. All rooms come... Read our full review of Savanbanhao Hotel.

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Soulinsouk Hotel
Flashpacker - US$10 to 20
Makhasavan Rd, Savannakhet
T: (041) 213 436

Located across the intersection from the bus station and Savansai Market, the Soulinsouk is one of the largest and newest hotels in town. It's also one of the easiest to find owing to the life-size elephant statues and palm trees out front. Rooms are simple but clean and comfortable with white tile floors, air-con, TVs, basic hot water bathrooms and small desks. WiFi works only in the lobby. We... Read our full review of Soulinsouk Hotel.

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