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We have 5 places to stay in and around Sekong.


For a town that doesn’t have a big tourist draw, accommodation is surprisingly plentiful, though you won’t find many other foreigners in town. Better hotels get domestic tourists, businessmen and the NGO set. Those on a tight budget can easily drive around and look for guesthouses (sometimes with signage in Vietnamese “nga nghi”). We found a couple of grim basic joints for 50,000 kip. And yes, the Sekong Hotel is still around. Supposedly visited regularly by two Malaysians who died on the river, once upon a time we stayed here and got the creeps—or was it one too many Beerlao? Rooms are now looking long in the tooth and barking dogs greet every arrival, providing even more character to the haunting.

Tad Faek

The turn off to Tad Faek is 14 km south of Sekong on Road 11, followed by 3 km on dirt road to reach the falls. Tad Faek Waterfall Guesthouse has basic bungalows.

Tad Houa Khon

Located 17 km south of Sekong on Road 11, right before the borderline with Attapeu province, Tad Houa Khon (sometimes called Tad Se Noy) has camping.

PS Garden
PS Garden

Camping by the falls

From 50,000 kip Walk-in