Photo: Seated Buddhas at a Wat in Ayutthaya.


The Soi Farang backpacker strip, or Naresuan Soi 1, is the place for travellers looking to meet, mix and party. Sound systems thump late into the night at the heart of the strip, but a couple of our favourite spots towards the north end stay reasonably quiet -- we even saw families staying at Chanthana House and Baan Lotus.

If you seek the best selection of flashpacker-range options plus some good, quiet budget choices, head west up Naresuan Road to the area stretching between Soi Farang and the Historical Park. Some guesthouses, like Good Morning by Tamarind, are strategically situated roughly in the middle. Others, like The Park Ayutthaya, are practically on top of the ruins.

An increasing number of places to stay are found along the riverfront, mostly towards the east of the island along the Prasak River and to the southwest along the Chao Phraya. These seem inconvenient at first glance, but the ruins aren't too far if going by bicycle. If looking to relax, head to the riverfront or go further afield to a traditional Thai homestay in Ban Lan Khe.


Where to stay in Ayutthaya
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B

A bunch of quality flashpacker options and even a true luxury resort have joined Ayutthaya’s long-running stable of budget guesthouses in recent years, resulting in terrific value across the board. Booking sites list more than 70 places to stay, which doesn’t include the many cheap guesthouses relying on the walk-in trade. Need some direction? Check out our top picks right here for where to... Read our full review of Where to stay in Ayutthaya.

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Soi Farang

Also known as Naresuan Soi 1 and Pamaprao Soi 5, depending on which road you approach from, Soi Farang has long been Ayutthaya’s budget traveller strip. The name translates as “Foreigner Street” -- look elsewhere if you prefer a local vibe.

While it doesn’t reach even close to the party atmosphere of Khao San Road, you will find similar traveller-oriented bars and restaurants. The historical park is within fairly easy bicycling distance and loads of traveller services are at your fingertips. When you do feel like hanging around the locals, simply walk across Naresuan Road to the bustling Chao Phrom Market.

Baan Lotus
Backpacker - Under 600B
20 Pamaprao Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (09) 531 1680

Stepping onto the grounds of Baan Lotus is like being swept off to a country homestay despite the fact that Soi Farang is just around the corner. Cats snooze in the shade of broad tamarind trees. Old gardening equipment leans against a shed in the spacious lawn. Travellers read in pavilions and hammocks spread over a walkway raised above a pond filled with fountains and lotuses. The elderly... Read our full review of Baan Lotus.

Chantana House
Backpacker - Under 600B
12/22 Naresuan Soi 1, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 323 200

Relying almost entirely on the walk-in trade, Chanthana House is a family-run place with well-kept budget rooms in an old wood-and-cement house. There are no noisy bars or pushy tour desks here, just a quiet property set back from the road amid gardens and trees. Downstairs rooms are clean, simply furnished and reasonably sized, with comfy beds and en-suite hot-water bathrooms. Rooms in the... Read our full review of Chantana House.

Good Luck Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
12/26 Naresuan Soi 1, Ayutthaya
T: (089) 925 1902

Good Luck Guesthouse offers a more laidback atmosphere and a more welcoming staff than Tony’s Place, which is directly across the street. The private fan rooms, in particular, are possibly the best-value options in town for those on a shoestring budget. The yellow concrete building is fronted by a large ground floor with a tour and travel desk, restaurant, laundry area and reception. All of... Read our full review of Good Luck Guesthouse .

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Ayutthaya Guest House
Backpacker - Under 600B
12/34 Naresuan Soi 1, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 232 658

Located towards the quiet end of the backpacker strip, the old Ayutthaya Guesthouse will be awful for some and just right for others. We love the cosy ground-floor cafe and lounge with exposed brick walls, a dusty piano, dark-wood tables, vintage bicycles, a book exchange and usually some good blues or jazz playing. Artsy travellers who can go with the flow will probably enjoy the eccentric... Read our full review of Ayutthaya Guest House.

Tony's Place
Backpacker - Under 600B
12/18 Naresuan Road Soi 1, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 252 578

The large and long-running Tony’s Place has rebranded itself as a “bed and breakfast” with flashpacker-range accommodation joining the basic old backpacker digs. It’s worth considering if you like to stay up late and are looking to meet other travellers. Look elsewhere if you’re after a good night’s sleep or prefer a more homely vibe. A lively restaurant with a bar, coffee shop,... Read our full review of Tony's Place.

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Between Soi Farang and the Historical Park

Some of our favourite places to stay are found along Naresuan Road and nearby streets, between the Historical Park and the Chao Phrom Market area. New flashpacker-range guesthouses and glossy cafes pop up frequently around here. All of these spots offer relatively quiet surrounds along with convenient locations.

Stockhome Hostel
Backpacker - Under 600B
6/15 Naresuan Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (092) 835 0035

Taking a page out of modern Bangkok’s playbook, the Stockhome is a sleek and artsy hostel set in a converted shophouse at a central Naresuan Road location, about halfway between Soi Farang and the Historical Park. Cool backpackers who might be up for making some friends will be well served here. The air-conditioned hangout space and reception area on the ground floor feels like a modern art... Read our full review of Stockhome Hostel.

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The Park Ayutthaya
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
23/28 Naresuan Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 950 337

Run by the welcoming Mr Win, The Park Ayutthaya is the only place to stay within the main Historical Park. Wat Phra Si Sanphet is a 10-minute walk to the north and Wat Mahathat is within view to the south, making this a top pick if you want to stumble out of bed and into the ruins. It’s also an excellent choice if your primary concern is good-quality accommodation. A bona fide bed and... Read our full review of The Park Ayutthaya.

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Baan Kong Homestay
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
9/5 Chakrapad Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (086) 642 4403

Opened in 2014 within sight of Wat Ratchaburana, Baan Kong Homestay is one of several small flashpacker-range places to sprout up near the Historical Park in recent years. It’s also one of the best. Fronted by an open-air roofed common space and reception area, eight large wooden bungalows were built side-by-side next to puffy flower bushes. Sporting a classic Thai design, the rooms stand... Read our full review of Baan Kong Homestay.

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Baan Tebpitak
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Pathon Soi 3, Ayutthaya
T: (089) 849 9817

Set at the end of a quiet side lane on a somewhat out-of-the-way part of the island, Baan Tebpitak serves up well-equipped rooms and a swimming pool at rates that will make flashpackers happy. Though we’ve never actually met a European staffer here or at the sister property, Promtong Mansion, we believe that one is involved. Rooms are spacious and everything is Western size, from the huge... Read our full review of Baan Tebpitak.

Good Morning by Tamarind
Backpacker - Under 600B
6/4 Naresuan Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (081) 655 7937

Good Morning by Tamarind joined the original Tamarind Guesthouse in 2014 to start a little accommodation empire by the friendly Tamarind crew. It’s a great choice for backpackers of all ages who appreciate comfort and quiet. Set down a side lane marked by a sign off Naresuan Road, about halfway between the Historical Park and Soi Farang, Good Morning greets you with a partially open-air... Read our full review of Good Morning by Tamarind.

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Tamarind Guest House
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Chikun Rd (end of a side lane just south of Naresuan Rd and across from Wat Mahathat), Ayutthaya
T: 081) 655 7937

Tucked at the end of a quiet lane directly across from Wat Mahathat, Tamarind Guesthouse offers six comfy and tastefully decorated rooms in a restored wooden house. Staff performance may have declined slightly since the owners opened the cheaper Good Morning by Tamarind further down Naresuan Road, but the original still has plenty going for it. With polished hardwood floors and wooden walls... Read our full review of Tamarind Guest House.

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A whole bunch of riverside resorts and guesthouse-style “homestays” have opened along the Chao Phraya River near the far southwestern corner of the island. You’ll also find some interesting riverside digs on the east coast of the island, and across the Prasak River near the train station. While the locations aren’t the most convenient, these places offer some of the more relaxing settings in Ayutthaya.

Sala Ayutthaya
Toprange - 4,000B to 8,000B
9/2 Moo 4, Uthong Rd, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 242 588

Part of an intriguing design hotel brand that also runs properties in Bangkok, Khao Yai and Chiang Mai, Sala Ayutthaya combines a minimalist theme with red brick touches, flourishes of post-modern art, riverside scenery and a sophisticated atmosphere. ###2304 Located across the Chao Phraya from Wat Phutthaisawan, Sala Ayutthaya greets you with a stylish reception desk, art gallery and huge... Read our full review of Sala Ayutthaya.

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Athithara Homestay
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
29 Uthong Soi 21, Ayutthaya
T: (035) 242 529

Set over a tranquil lawn with frangipani flowers draping over riverside pavilions, Athithara Homestay is part of a growing trend to build new wooden stilted houses in the traditional Thai style in Ayutthaya. Rooms in the elegant main house or cheaper editions in a second building are great options for travellers seeking peace and quiet. The main house features fretted dark-wood walls, glossy... Read our full review of Athithara Homestay.

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Baan Are Gong Homestay
Backpacker - Under 600B
48 Moo 10 (off the side lane across from the train station and near the cross-river ferry), Ayutthaya
T: (035) 235 592

Set in a century-old teakwood house that opens onto the Prasak River, Baan Are Gong is run by descendants of the Chinese family that lived here generations ago. Look no further if you seek an intimate riverside setting with convenient access to the train station. The reception area occupies a room punctuated by Chinese lanterns, vintage Chinese calendars, black-and-white portraits of the... Read our full review of Baan Are Gong Homestay.

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Ban Bua Homestay
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Uthong Rd (just west of Khlong Tho Rd), Ayutthaya
T: (035) 243 104

Situated on the south coast of the island with great views of the Chao Phraya River, Ban Bua Homestay is a good choice for those seeking a homely place to stay that's not too far from the ruins. If it weren’t for the sign along the main road, arriving would feel like coming up to a normal concrete house and asking to stay. A young guy didn’t even look up from his smartphone in the... Read our full review of Ban Bua Homestay.

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Bann Kun Pra
Backpacker - Under 600B
48 Moo 3, Uthong Rd (straight east from the east end of Huarattanachai Rd), Ayutthaya
T: (035) 241 978

Stretching along the riverside within a short walk of Chao Phrom Market, Bann Kun Pra occupies a pair of beautifully preserved teakwood houses. While the value is questionable when only considering the facilities, the antiquarian ambiance might just make it worth a stay. The main house by the river is more than a century old and although these rooms are small and perhaps a bit dusty, the... Read our full review of Bann Kun Pra .

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Outside Ayutthaya

Ban Lan Khe Homestay
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Sena district, Ayutthaya province
T: (081) 251 8058

Set along the banks of a lazy river and located just 25 kilometres to the west of Ayutthaya, the small rural community of Ban Lan Khe provides a wonderful opportunity to experience Thai family life in a tranquil setting. Whether looking for somewhere to enhance your travel experience, enjoy nature or simply unwind, this could be just the place for you. As the songthaew pulled away, we were left... Read our full review of Ban Lan Khe Homestay.

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