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Though a few notable places are found in the town centre and also in the outskirts, the bulk of accommodation in Sangkhlaburi runs along the northern edge of Vajiralongkorn Lake. Most budgets are catered for.

Somchai Coffee & Guest House
Backpacker - Under 600B
108/2 Route 3024, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 180

Perched on a breezy hilltop a kilometre west of the Mon village, Somchai offers a handful of simple, fan-cooled bamboo and wood bunaglows with large balconies that afford spectacular views of the valley below. While the balconies and views are the major selling points here, the bungalows are spacious and pleasant with woven bamboo interior walls, lots of screened windows, firm beds, simple hot... Read our full review of Somchai Coffee & Guest House.

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Baan Thor Phan Resort
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
25/3 Route 323, Sangklhaburi
T: (081) 824 3369

We felt like kids exploring a rich family's summer mansion while checking out the highly stylised rooms of Baan Thor Phan. The resort is filled with lush gardens that lend a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. The kind woman on duty offered us a seat and a cool glass of water before we'd even inquired about the possibility of staying. She then led us into the maze of footpaths and common verandas... Read our full review of Baan Thor Phan Resort.

Coffee Berry Boutique Guest House
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Sam Prasob Rd, Sangkhlaburi
T: (084) 802 9811

This cute and intimate guest house and coffee shop sits midway between the town centre and wooden bridge on a quiet stretch of road. If you like your accommodation extra cheery, this place is for you. Eight rooms each boast a different colour scheme and have names like Mocha and Espresso. They feel a bit like children's bedrooms with firm mattresses on polished concrete or tile floors, pictures... Read our full review of Coffee Berry Boutique Guest House.

J. Family Homestay
Backpacker - Under 600B
17 Moo 1, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 511

This five-room homestay is located on the road that runs parallel to Si Suwan Khiri Road and is run by a very friendly (and chatty) woman. It's a great choice for anyone seeking a cheap bed and local experience, although the owner does speak excellent English. Accommodation is dorm style with single mattresses on the floor of simple rooms that come in a few sizes. If you're with a small group... Read our full review of J. Family Homestay.

P Guest House
Backpacker - Under 600B
82/1 Moo 1, Si Suwan Khiri Rd, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 061

One of the longer-running guesthouses in town, P attracts a loyal clientele and has become the go-to choice for many backpackers, thanks to cheap fan rooms with shared cold water bathrooms. The guesthouse is built around a spacious and shady lawn with unmatched views of the lake and the Mon village on the other side. Large air-con rooms are also available, and while these are large and boast... Read our full review of P Guest House.

Phu Than Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
43/1 Moo 1, Sangkhlaburi
T: (084) 750 1648

This new addition to Sangkhlaburi features a line of comfortable wooden bungalows stretching down to the river on the road that runs parallel directly east of Si Suwan Khiri Road. This place is especially suited to those who don't want to be bothered by staff or other travellers -- the sole staff member is a super laidback guy who hangs around on his hammock and in the tiny reception area, which... Read our full review of Phu Than Resort.

Samprasob Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
122 Moo 3, T.Nongloo, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 050

Positioned directly over the wooden bridge, Samprasob resort has a range of accommodation options strewn across its hilltop property: rooms in two multi-floor compounds, in more private bungalows and in concrete stilted cabins over the hillside. Rooms are large, clean, and very comfortable, and come with all modcons -- TVs, air-con, WiFi and minibar -- making these some of the most comfortable in... Read our full review of Samprasob Resort.

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See Daeng Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
Corner of Sangkhlaburi Rd and Thetsaban 2, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 088

Located a stone's throw from the market right in the town centre, the See Daeng is a good choice choice if you arrive on a late night bus and want a cheap but comfy room within easy walking distance. Rooms are set on two floors and the place has a small town hotel feel to it. All rooms are spacious and come with ensuite hot water bathrooms, free WiFi, a few windows and desks. Fan rooms downstairs... Read our full review of See Daeng Hotel.

The Nature Club Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
207 Sangkla Rd (Route 323), Sangkhlaburi
T: (089) 510 8444

Located five kilometres outside of town off Route 323, this resort/adventure park is set over a huge terrain of lush hillside between Lake Vajiralongkorn and a smaller lake. The many varieties of accommodation include camping tents, rustic stilted cabins, floating rafthouses, treehouses, family cabins that sleep up to eight, and comfortable lakeside villas. All but the villas are fan-cooled and... Read our full review of The Nature Club Resort.

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Oh Dee Hostel
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
147/1 Moo 3, Si Suwan Khiri Rd, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 626

Located around the corner from the market and bus station and right across from the post office in the heart of town, the Oh Dee had just opened their doors a month before our last visit. We really like this place -- the young staff were very welcoming and the stylish common area with hammocks, a communal kitchen and lounge area with free WiFi, a big TV, a guitar, computer station and coffee... Read our full review of Oh Dee Hostel.

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Phonpailin Riverside Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
60/3 Moo 1, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 322

Set at the far end of Si Suwan Khiri Road right on the lake, Phonpailin is a big and long-running resort that seems to cater mostly to Thai holiday-makers. Entering the lobby you'll first see several large fish tanks and then the massive open-air restaurant with great views over the lake. The resort has two main accommodation options: massive rooms with verandas underneath the restaurant and a... Read our full review of Phonpailin Riverside Resort.

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Burmese Inn
Backpacker - Under 600B
52/3 Moo 3, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 146

Despite it still offering the cheapest private rooms in town, the Burmese Inn was empty when we last visited. The least expensive rooms are in a dilapidated wooden and bamboo longhouse that looks over a secluded corner of the lake. Though it's hard to complain at these prices, the mattresses are rather hard and lumpy, the attached cold water bathrooms are quite dire (the toilet in the one we saw... Read our full review of Burmese Inn.

Forget Me Not
Backpacker - Under 600B
86 Moo 1, T.Nongloo, Sangkhlaburi
T: (034) 595 015

We suspect that the name of this guesthouse is meant in earnest -- it really does have the melancholy feel of having been abandoned. Rooms are tucked into a two-storey wooden building, with some opening onto pleasant wooden decks with lake views, and others facing towards a sandy car park. All rooms are a bit dark and feel lived in, but they are well kept. Fan rooms with firm beds, high ceilings... Read our full review of Forget Me Not.

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