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We have 11 places to stay in and around Khao Yai National Park.


Below we’ve covered all of the accommodation zones and campgrounds found inside Khao Yai National Park along with several options outside the park, on or near Thanarat Road, which are suitable for travellers who don’t have a vehicle and can’t speak Thai. We’ve also highlighted a few spots in Pak Chong, and one gorgeous boutique resort over in Muak Lek. These are only a handful of the overwhelming number of places to stay in the Khao Yai region.

Few travellers stay to the south of the park, but if coming from this direction you could check out Palm Garden Lodge, located around 15 kilometres southeast of the park’s southern gate on Route 33 in the village of Ban Kon Kwang, western Prachinburi province. The owners offer park tours and motorbike rental along with rooms in the 400 to 1,200 baht range.

Inside Khao Yai National Park

Self-sufficient nature lovers may want to spend a night or five camping or staying in a park-maintained cabin.

Thanarat Road or Highway 2090, the northern access road

As the main access route into the park from the north, Thanarat Road and surrounds has blown up with big and small resorts catering to all budgets. Our selections focus mainly on places where you’ll find rooms, tours, English-speaking staff and/or pick up in Pak Chong, all from a single phone call or email.

Pak Chong

Though not the most charming town, Pak Chong has a solid spread of markets and restaurants that make it a reasonably comfortable base. In any case it’s the area’s main transport hub, so you may find yourself in need of a bed here for a night. If staying here you’ll be 25 kilometres north of the park’s northern gate. We’ve listed a few downtown options; travellers with vehicles will find several more scenic spots up Highway 2243 to the north of town.

Muak Lek

Straddling the eastern border of Saraburi province, the small town of Muak Lek anchors a district where Thailand’s best wines are produced. It also boasts the haunting Chet Sao Noi Waterfall and is only 30 kilometres northwest of the national park’s northern gate. We’ve singled out a beautiful resort, but if you like the area you’ll also find some cheaper Thai-style resorts dotting the countryside. A private vehicle is essential if staying up this way.

Ndol Streamside Thai Villas
Ndol Streamside Thai Villas

Fantastic if you have a vehicle

From 2,700 baht Walk-in