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Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong has a wide range of options with more being added as we write. Despite, or perhaps because, the vast majority of visitors only stay one night in town local hoteliers and guesthouse owners make great efforts and there’s an exceptional selection of budget and midrange accommodation choices in town. The majority are located along the riverside providing scenic Mekong views but a couple lie away from the river such as Funky House and Green Inn, and most are located in the central stretch of Sai Klang Road though there is the very good Baanrimtaling found just outside of the centre.

A word of warning: Things get very confusing -- and very unimaginative -- in Chiang Khong with the names of most hotels and guesthouses sticking uniquely to combinations of rim (edge), nam (river), ‘Kong’ (or Khong) and ‘river’ with a few ‘views’ thrown in for good measure.

Day Waterfront Hotel
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
Soi 11, 789 Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 789, (086) 972 0462

The mid-size, midrange Day Waterfront Hotel rather sensibly disproves our Chiang Khong accommodation name rule, so is perhaps easier to remember than most. It is a very popular hotel and justifiably so with attentive service, clean, well-appointed rooms with great views and, for what you get, inexpensive rates. Decor is simple but rooms are spacious, bright and airy and the design is smart,... Read our full review of Day Waterfront Hotel.

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Baanrimtaling Home Stay
Backpacker - Under 600B
99 Moo 3, Soi 19, off Route 1020, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 613, (084) 615 5490

Other than its slightly out of the way location and a cumbersome name, it’s ticks all the way for this charming little riverside establishment. The guesthouse is constructed out of wood with a pleasant restaurant area possessing great views and serving good food at good prices, with an emphasis on vegetarian dishes. There’s plenty of information available and a local map on the wall, while... Read our full review of Baanrimtaling Home Stay.

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Chiang Khong River View Hotel
Backpacker - Under 600B
141 Moo 12, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 375, (096) 162 6992, (089) 561 4428

A very good riverside option, Chiangkhong River View offers clean rooms with the pick of them having great views, as the name says, over the river. As you enter you’ll find yourself on floor two of this four-storey building. This floor has the reception and small garden area plus a spacious cafe area with wonderful river views. Accommodation is located on the floor below and two upper stories,... Read our full review of Chiang Khong River View Hotel.

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Chiangkhong Green Inn Resident
Backpacker - Under 600B
Cnr of Soi 7, Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 009, (081) 885 9885, (081) 993 1319

Green Inn, an aptly named pastel green, four-storey building, is one of the few spots around looking onto the main street rather than the river. Only a few of the rear rooms have river views but since you can appreciate the Mekong from any number of cafes for morning coffee, dinner or drinks and there’s no view at night time, then not having your bedroom overlooking the river isn’t the end of... Read our full review of Chiangkhong Green Inn Resident.

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Funky Box
Backpacker - Under 600B
Sai Klang Soi 2, Chiang Khong
T: T: (082) 765 1839

Funky Box is an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget. Friendly and clean, the hostel is owned by the same guys who run Hub Pub and is located down Tesaban Soi 2, just across the road from their cafe/bar. It’s bright, freshly decorated and the 12-bed dorm with metallic-framed bunks painted in various primary colours comes with new looking linen plus three well-maintained bathrooms with... Read our full review of Funky Box.

Namkhong Guesthouse and Resort
Backpacker - Under 600B
94 Moo 2, Sai Klang Rd near Kasikorn Bank, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 055, (053) 791 801, (089) 632 6084

A budget version of the hotel of the same name, the Namkhong Guesthouse does have one up on its more expensive elder sibling and that’s a swimming pool. There are not many of these around in Chiang Khong! The entrance is located on the west side of the main street – near Green Inn and the 7-eleven – and leads down a driveway off the main road to a carpark, behind which is a garden and a... Read our full review of Namkhong Guesthouse and Resort.

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Namkhong Riverside Hotel
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
174-176 Moo 8, Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 796, (053) 791 801

With a location right on the riverbank in the centre of town and a clever design, there’s a guaranteed Mekong view from any room at the NamKhong Riverside. The view obviously gets better as you go up the hotel’s five floors, but each room has its own small balcony to enjoy the vista it does get. The hotel is built into the side of the river bank itself so, as you enter from the main street,... Read our full review of Namkhong Riverside Hotel.

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Ruanthai Sopaphan Resort
Backpacker - Under 600B
83 Moo 8, Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 023, (080) 497 0929, (081) 035 0061

This sprawling, grand, riverside teak building is a Chiang Khong icon. It's not really a resort, but rather a guesthouse, hotel, lodge or inn. Whatever you call it, it’s clearly the town’s oldest establishment, having been run by Ruan-Thai matriarch Sophaphum for what she reckons is now 50 years! During this time the teak restaurant and reception area has evolved, inevitably, into part... Read our full review of Ruanthai Sopaphan Resort.

Baan-Fai Guest House
Backpacker - Under 600B
108 Moo 8, Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 791 394, (086) 192 9207

Another in the Chiang Khong sprawling wooden guesthouse set, Baan-Fai’s also been around for a while. It has a good, central location, with the main entrance on Sai Klang and various buildings out back looking over the river. The entrance, and reception, consists of a coffee shop and adjacent Thai Lu and hilltribe textile and souvenir shop. The coffee shop, serving Doi Chang coffee and a few... Read our full review of Baan-Fai Guest House.

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Rimnam Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
166/1 Moo 12, Chiang Khong
T: (053) 655 680, (081) 951 2808

Rimnam Guesthouse fits the bill for a typical Chiang Khong guesthouse: in the middle of town, cheap, slightly dingy rooms out back, pricier air-con river view rooms out front, with terraces overlooking the Mekong, plus a well placed restaurant and helpful staff. It’s all-round average, but that’s not a negative thing and in other towns, less blessed with a great accommodation range, it would... Read our full review of Rimnam Guesthouse.

The River House
Backpacker - Under 600B
419 Moo 12, Sai Klang Rd, Chiang Khong
T: (088 259 1192, (081) 882 5592 (086) 421 5637

River House has a tucked away, secluded location and while an easy one to miss, it is worth finding. The guesthouse is at the foot of the riverbank, so there's no main street level access, and it gives directly onto the riverside promenade. Despite being small it still manages to be ramshackle with a bit here and a bit there; it's another of those Chiang Khong hotels that you’d call cosy on a... Read our full review of The River House.

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