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Mae Sariang

Mae Sariang is a small town and most of the places to stay are within walking distance of each another. The best located accommodation overlooks the river along Langpanich Road, however things can get very confusing down riverside way, with a plethora of fundamentally very similar guesthouses with very similar names: River this, River that. Our recommendations places to stay are listed here, but our list is not exhaustive. A couple of standard Thai-style hotels are found in the centre of town -- Mitaree 1 and Mitaree 2 -- which we haven't listed as the point of visiting is really to stay by the pretty river.

Good View Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
103 Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (053) 683 100, (081) 998 2480

Immediately next door to Riverbank is one of Mae Sariang's newer offerings, Good View Guesthouse. While their varnished wood, communal terrace has an equally superb view, they sadly decided against adding balconies to their rooms, which is a shame since the rooms are otherwise fine -- and have great views out of the windows nonetheless. They aren’t as spacious as the large rooms next door but... Read our full review of Good View Guesthouse.

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North West Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
81 Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (089) 700 9928

This longstanding guesthouse’s somewhat basic rooms manage to be cheap without being grungy plus there’s a pleasant family atmosphere to the place. The small rooms have clean white sheets, windows, a fan, and shared bathrooms that are functional and clean with hot showers -- for the price you can maybe ignore the lack of decoration or frills. There are a couple of air-con rooms -- one... Read our full review of North West Guesthouse.

Riverbank Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
448 Moo 12, Langpanich Rd 6-9/10, Mae Sariang
T: (053) 682 787

One of the guesthouses furthest away if you’re walking down Langpanich Road, it's still well worth going the extra yard to get to Riverbank Resort, especially if you can get your hands on one of their larger rooms. Spacious, beautifully decorated, teak-lined rooms with large balconies overlooking the river are simply the best rooms in town -- these are at the back on the second and third... Read our full review of Riverbank Resort.

Riverhouse Resort
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
6/1 Moo 2, Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (053) 683 066

As the only flash accommodation in Mae Sariang, the Riverside Resort is where you'll have to head if you need your little creature comforts. Set in a huge peach-coloured cement building, a way back from the main road, the rooms are perhaps a little overpriced, particularly when compared to its sister Riverside Hotel, but otherwise very pleasant. Being basically a concrete, albeit nicely... Read our full review of Riverhouse Resort.

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Salawin Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (053) 681 490

This centrally located, budget guesthouse only has four rooms but has seen a serious makeover of late under new and very friendly ownership. There’s a noodle shop in the tiny garden, a coffee shop with free computer use in the lobby -- you’d be hard pushed to find such a small guesthouse with such a range of facilities elsewhere. Rooms have lockable wardrobes, en suite bathrooms with hot... Read our full review of Salawin Guesthouse.

PS@Riverview Guesthouse
Backpacker - Under 600B
79 Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (053 681 049, (083) 471 8334

This longstanding guesthouse has been revamped a bit recently under a new name, though to be honest with so many ‘rivers’ abounding in hotel names here we’re not exactly sure just which was their previous incarnation. It’s placed roughly between the two Riverside properties and Good View and Riverbank, so they are in a fine location and boast another fine view. The building itself... Read our full review of PS@Riverview Guesthouse.

Riverhouse Hotel
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
77 Langpanich Rd, Mae Sariang
T: (053) 621 201

The Riverhouse Hotel is a well established, longstanding hotel with wooden, lodge-type accommodation -- their claim to fame is that King Carl Gustaf of Sweden stayed here with his family in 2003. There is also a Riverhouse Resort, located 50 metres along the river in a large concrete block, and run by the same company. Both the hotel and resort are pretty similar room-wise, with the hotel... Read our full review of Riverhouse Hotel.

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