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Bo Kluea

Little Bo Kluea has a rather good selection of accommodation catering to a range of budgets. At the top end is the very nice Boklua View, a flashy, well-organised resort that wouldn’t look out of place in Pai or Chiang Mai, while if you’re on a budget there’s a pleasant camping ground with some basic bamboo huts just opposite on the riverbank. In between is a selection of small resorts and guesthouses covering both sides of the midrange slot. A couple of these are a little too far out of town to be convenient unless you have your own transport though the splendid Boklua Home, set between the two salt wells in the centre of the village, is just perfect if you’re on foot.

As the main source of visitors is domestic - so largely restricted to weekends and public holidays – prices vary considerably from season to season and even by day of the week. First quote when you enquire may be an optimistic weekend high season rate, even if it’s a Tuesday in September, so some negotiation is required and decent deals ought to be forthcoming, since there is competition. (Of course a high season weekend may see many spots full and no negotiation possible.)

Though it was under renovation when we visited in December 2015, Bo Klau Cong Dung, off Route 1081 south of the centre and nearly opposite the post office, looks promising. It’s easy to miss since it’s on a rise above the highway, but it has chalets around the 400 to 700 baht mark.

Finally – though also closed when we visited – is a well situated riverside campsite accompanied by a few bamboo A-frame huts just over the bridge on the village side, which was recommended too us and is worth considering if you’re strapped for cash. Oun I Mang is reached by taking the track immediately to the left after crossing the bridge. Last time we looked a tent plus breakfast was 250 baht, so it may be a little more now.

Boklua Home
Backpacker - Under 600B
Main village street between the 2 salt wells, Bo Kluea
T: (084) 367 8630

Boklua Home is a delightful garden resort offering just a few chalets and rooms in an old wooden house. The spot is easy to miss though it's set right in the centre of town, just off the main street between the two salt wells (it's immediately next door to the southern well). Look for the wooden house with some colourful floral designs painted on the frontage. The driveway down the side of the... Read our full review of Boklua Home.

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Bo Klua View
Midrange - 1,500B to 4,000B
Just over the bridge at the start of Route 1256, Bo Kluea
T: (054) 778 140, (081) 809 6392

Upmarket and classy, Boklua View offers a taste of luxury with wooden chalets scattered across a hillside garden boasting great views of the surrounds. It's hard to miss the signs for the resort as you enter town, but it's perched just above the river overlooking the valley, at the village’s western limit. Though it is no longer the only game in town, it is still the best offering in terms of... Read our full review of Bo Klua View.

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Oun I Mang
Backpacker - Under 600B
Bo Kluea
T: (081) 374 7004

Located down the hill and across the river from Bo Klua View, this little plot of land constitutes an excellent relaxation destination if you haven’t the budget for the more upscale resort. Right along the eastern bank of the Mang River, Oun I Mang boasts several bungalows, a few permanent tent-like shelters, and also offers actual tents for a reduced fee. The name translates directly towarm... Read our full review of Oun I Mang.

Borklua Fa Sai Resort
Backpacker - Under 600B
Route 1081, just south of town, Bo Kluea
T: (086) 118 4482, (086) 187 6098, (087) 188 6150

Go for Borklua Fa Sai Resort's large wooden chalets scattered across a sprawling and well-maintained garden rather than the characterless rooms in their block. Borklua Fa Sai Resort is located a little way south of the village off Route 1257, so though it's not very practical if you don’t have wheels, it's a good option if you do. Though there's no sign in English, the resort is visible from... Read our full review of Borklua Fa Sai Resort .

Mor Pangdong
Backpacker - Under 600B
Main highway, just east of bridge, Bo Kluea
T: (085) 275 0830 (098) 979 9537

Mor Pangdong offers pleasantly decorated, good value rooms in a concrete building in an excellent location. There's no sign in English but the distinctive building is a powder blue with red roof overlooking the stream from the north side of Route 1256 as it enters the village after crossing the bridge. The two storeys each have four or five rooms, with a communal balcony running the length of... Read our full review of Mor Pangdong.

Khun Nan National Park accommodation
Flashpacker - 600B to 1,500B
5 km north of Bo Kluea off Route 1081
T: (084) 483 7240

Though it's in the middle of nowhere, the national park does offer some pleasant chalets that are reasonably priced for the quality on offer -- and there shouldn't ever be availability issues. If the tiny one-street village of Bor Klua is too urban for you, then there can’t be too many spots more remote than this in Thailand rooms to rent. Food may be a bit limited but they were building a park... Read our full review of Khun Nan National Park accommodation.

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