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We have 6 places to stay in and around Pua.


As the tourism hub for the northern part of Nan province, Pua does have quite a few places to stay. Since local tourism is highly seasonal, for much of the year most of the places are largely empty, while a high season bank holiday weekend may see everywhere suddenly fill up. It’s not at the point of Chiang Rai’s Phu Chee Fah, where many hotels simply close down during the week, and it does mean that bargain rates can often be had.

In central Pua options are mainly located along Route 101 as it passes through the centre of town, with a couple down in the old town and along Route 1081. If you have your own transport and bit of cash to spare, fancier Thai-style resorts can be found outside town. Midrange Green Hills gets our vote while for budget travellers Golden Inn is a good choice if you have your own wheels. If you’re not sure – and it seemed to us new places may well be opening up – then a good bet is to head to the excellent tourist information centre. They will know of any new spots and can explain precisely where hotels are located, since many lack signage in English.